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MARCH 3, 2016

5 of our favorite polydactyl facts in honor of "If cats & dogs had opposable thumbs day"

5 of our favorite polydactyl facts!

Isn't it great to have such special days like one focused solely on if cats and dogs had opposable thumbs? We thought it was only fitting to feature some of our favorite polydactyl cats who really do have opposable thumbs (well, almost)!

1. Dozens of polydactyl cats live at Ernest Hemingway's former home

The 40-50 cats that roam Hemingway's home (which is now a museum) are descendants of his original polydactyl kitten, Snow White. Hemingway had received Snow White from a sailor and fell so in love with felines that he nicknamed them "purr sponges."

2. 28 toes is the polydactyl Guinness Record

Photo: brownpau / Flickr

For some perspective, normal cats have 18 toes.

3. Sailors love mermaids, rum, and...polydactyls?

Photo: LoudNProud93 / Imgur

These cats are agile, great hunters, and can keep ship rodent populations in check. They're also considered lucky to have on board!

4. Polydactyls were considered supernatural entities in Medieval Europe

Sources say few polydactyls exist throughout Europe because these cats were considered witches' assistants and killed as a result. While having extra toes sure is magical, we're not sure how helpful they'd be in spell casting.

5. Polydactylism is a genetic anomaly

Photo: Lilnoo / Reddit

But "boxing cats" and "mittens cats" make for adorable nicknames.

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