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MARCH 29, 2016

Meowtel Sitter Achievement Badges

Meowtel is all about making cat sitting easy, affordable, and fun. With that comes Achievement Badges you can earn to give some added "flair" to your profile!

You can always read up on all Sitter Achievement Badges in our FAQ, but we also wanted to spend some time giving you the low-down on these nifty achievements!

All badges are systematically awarded to Meowtel sitters, with the exception of the Verified Badge which is handled by the Bellhop team.

If you'd like to earn a Verified Badge, please include 2 References in your Sitter Profile account dashboard. The Bellhop will be in touch with them to verify you are an exceptional sitter and will contact you once a Verified Badge has been awarded.

Do note: phone reference checks tend to take 7-14 business days to complete whereas email reference checks can be completed within 2-5 business days.

Below is a list of all the Badges you can earn:

1 year: the user has been a Meowtel sitter for a year.

2 year: the user has been a Meowtel sitter for 2 years.

Community Choice awarded each month to the sitter(s) that had the most 5 star ratings and at least a 4 star average. These are the Meowtel superstar sitters!

Beloved: the sitter has at least 5 ratings over 4-stars. This sitter would be totally great with your furbabies.

Crowd Pleaser: the sitter has at least 3 ratings over 4-stars. A great sitter - give them a whirl.

Established: the sitter has completed 1-3 reservations. They're on their way to being a a superstar sitter.

Empire: the sitter has completed over 20 reservations. These are you Meowtel masters!

Fresh: the sitter has been on Meowtel for over 3 months but less than a year. You'll see a lot of "fresh" sitters since Meowtel launched in August 2015.

Newbie: the sitter has been on Meowtel for less than 90 days. Even if they're new, what are their credentials? Are they Verified? Invite them for a Meet & Greet to see if they'd be a great match for your cat!

Growing: the sitter has completed 3-5 reservations.

Popular: the sitter has completed 5-10 reservations.

#1 Host: the user has been a Meowtel sitter for a year. Expect to see a lot of our sitters begin to receive this badge after August 2016.

Talk of the Town: the sitter has completed 10-20 reservations. These are the Meowtel heavyweights.

Verified: the sitter has passed their reference checks with rave reviews. There are dozens of Verified sitters on Meowtel so if you want an extra layer of trust, look for the Verified Badge.

You can locate the Badges you have earned in the bottom left of your public Sitter Profile or in Sitter search results!

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