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The Blog. Happy Halloween!
OCTOBER 31, 2016

7 cats that show you what Halloween is all about!

Black cats galore on Halloween 2016!

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween."
-Author Unknown

We all love cats and this is the purr-fect time of year to dress your babies up and let them steal the spotlight. Oh wait, they always steal the show! Please remember to give the black cats some special love today and below you will find 7 of our favorite Halloween cats that emulate this spooky day!

1. Black cats are welcome here...even the sitting ones!

Photo: Giphy

2. Candy comas. They're inevitable.

Photo: Giphy

3. Week-long candy comas turn into month-long candy crazes...and then you may start feeling like this

Photo: Giphy

4. When you're done with the dressing up for the next 12 months

Photo: Giphy

5. The "boo crew" rolls deep

Photo: Giphy

6. When you have no time left to make your costume

Photo: Giphy

7. And finally, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Photo: Giphy / rebloggy

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