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APRIL 5, 2016

Meowtel Fees (hint: there are none) and sitter commissions

So what's new?

We're very pleased to announce that there are zero booking fees for owners when they make a cat sitting reservation through Meowtel! We made this change to make it even easier, and more affordable, for cat owners across the country to make a Meowtel reservation with our many trusted sitters.

No hidden fees, ever.

So how does Meowtel make money in order to keep the site operational?

We will continue to take a minimum 12% commission from each sitter when a reservation is made. For exmaple, if Joe Sitter is booked for a 5-day reservation at $20 per day, his gross proceeds are $100, Meowtel takes 12% of the $100 ($12) and his net proceeds from this reservation would be $88 - transferred to him within 2 business days via the Stripe platform.

How do the higher commissions work?

Meowtel offers an "auction" style bidding process for your sitter profile to show up higher in search results, with the highest commission we take capping out at 20%.

When you see a "Sponsored" sitter listing, this means the sitter is offering Meowtel a commission of between 13% - 20% to have a higher ranking in search results.

Have additional questions about Meowtel fees? Feel free to contact us.

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