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AUGUST 8, 2016

NEON Litter has us raving!

The colorful cat litter from Ultra Pet is the first of its kind to make cleaning the litter box a joyful experience!

We stumbled upon NEON while checking out booths at CatCon LA and when we saw the bright orange bag of crystal magic, we couldn’t help but want to talk directly to the manufacturers! Our friends at Modern Cat put us in touch with Tom Atyeo, VP of Marketing, and it was a match made in heaven.

Meowtel has a cohort of enthusiastic cat lovers like yourself and NEON wants to show you what they’ve got! We’re excited to announce that we will be doing monthly NEON giveaways via our Facebook page and for our regular customers. Trial it, rave, and show us how your litter cleaning experience has been spiced up by this litter.

Let your cat get lucky

So what exactly is NEON and how does it work? NEON litter is made of silica gel crystals that have been finely ground so it’s significantly smaller than your typical, larger crystals. We tested NEON with a Meowtel client and were beyond pleased: it is odor-free with clumping properties, making the urine easily removable (as opposed to seeing your crystals turn yellow and become stinky after a while). NEON currently comes in orange, green, & pink, and don't worry, blue and purple are slated to be coming out soon!

Tom, the litter artist extraordinaire

We never thought we’d be so excited to scoop poop but something about the color makes the whole experience fun, and cats seem to notice too. So without further ado, we’d like to give 1 lucky Meowtel sitter and 1 lucky Meowtel customer a chance to win 3 bags of NEON during the month of August!

How to enter: any Meowtel sitter that has been active in the last 3 months is automatically entered to win. Any Meowtel customer that has made a reservation during 2016 will be automatically entered to win as well.

The 2 winners will be announced Wednesday, August 24th. Good luck and happy cat sitting!

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