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Meowtel is the internet’s premier cat sitting website. We are here to make cat sitting easy, affordable and fun! Meowtel is a one-stop shop for finding, and booking, trusted cat sitters and cat hosts.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here.

Who is this Ben guy and what is Book with Ben?

Ben, also known as Uncle Ben to many, is an extreme cat enthusiast. We were looking for the perfect spokesman for Meowtel and Ben fit the mold.

Book with Ben was Meowtel’s 2015 campaign to raise awareness around our wonderful cat sitters. Ben currently offers his sitting services in the Los Angeles area but he books up quickly so we encourage you to reserve in advance!

I love cats. How does Meowtel fit into my passion?

Great question! Meowtel is a site that enables cat lovers like yourself to earn extra cash by caring for our feline friends. We're procuring the most outstanding community of cat lovers and care providers in the USA.

If you’re looking for cat entertainment (memes, photos, inspirational quotes), look no further. We recommend you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to get your daily cat fix.

I thought cats were self-sufficient. Why do cat owners need cat sitters?

Contrary to popular belief, cats do prefer companionship. Leaving them home alone for days at a time can cause stress and anxiety for the animal. There are a variety of reasons that cat owners use Meowtel: their cats only eat wet food, to keep the litter box sanitary, their cat is on medication, has special needs, etc. It's always a smart choice to get a sitter when you're gone for an extended period of time in case an accident happens.

Meowtel is awesome...how can I get a job with you?

We are a young company and will soon need talented cat lovers to support our mission and help us grow - stay tuned!

Sitting Questions


Meowtel is available to cat lovers in the USA and you can find sitters in most major U.S. cities.

We are currently in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Denver, St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Indy, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, NYC, Washington DC, Philly and Boston.


As a sitter, you have the option to sit cats in the owner's home, host cats in your own home, or do both. We understand that many landlords don’t allow pets so we wanted to give you the flexibility to do either hosting or sitting.


You must be responsible, reliable, love kitties, and pass a basic background check. You may earn a "Verified Badge" to show the community you're trusted if you provide Meowtel with references to help us confirm you’re committed to being an outstanding sitter. You will also need to provide a valid bank account number in order to process all reservation payments to you. Any banking and credit card information that goes through Meowtel is securely handled by Stripe Payments (www.stripe.com). Stripe is the same company that handles marketplace payments for Lyft, TaskRabbit, and more!


Sitting is a terrific way for all kitty lovers to make extra money and meet like-minded cat enthusiasts. In fact, Meowtel’s founder created the website because she wanted to look after kitties but couldn’t commit to a forever kitty at the time!


Never accept a reservation for a cat that needs special care unless you have the experience. If you do have experience taking care of cats that require extra attention, we recommend that you describe all of your experience in the “About Me” section. Doing so will help differentiate your hosting capabilities.


While Meowtel allows you to do this, be sure to fully disclose to all potential guests what kinds of animals you have (this can be done in the Sitter Profile screen under “Resident Pets”). Cats can be very particular animals so use your best discretion and thoroughly communicate with your guests to prevent any issues from happening during the reservation.

How much should I charge?

We recommend a daily rate of $12-$30, depending on location and accommodations, but it is entirely up to you!

How do I edit pricing?

Under your Sitter Profile, click on “Rates & Availability” to edit your calendar and pricing.

How can I show up first in search results?

Meowtel’s search results are based on an auction system. Under your Account Settings, you can adjust the amount of commission Meowtel takes. The default is 12% for all users - if you wish to show up higher in search results, you may increase the commission percentage that Meowtel takes out of each of your reservations.

What Achievement Badges can a sitter earn?

1 year: the user has been a Meowtel sitter for a year

2 year: the user has been a Meowtel sitter for 2 years

Community Choice awarded each month to the sitter(s) that had the most 5 star ratings and at least a 4 star average

Beloved: the sitter has at least 5 ratings over 4-stars

Crowd Pleaser: the sitter has at least 3 ratings over 4-stars

Established: the sitter has completed 1-3 reservations

Empire: the sitter has completed over 20 reservations

Fresh: the sitter has been on Meowtel for over 3 months but less than a year

Newbie: the sitter has been on Meowtel for less than 90 days

Growing: the sitter has completed 3-5 reservations

Popular: the sitter has completed 5-10 reservations

#1 Host: the user has been a Meowtel sitter for a year

Talk of the Town: the sitter has completed 10-20 reservations

Verified: the sitter has passed their reference checks with rave reviews

How do I deactivate my sitter page?

Under your Sitter Profile, click “Deactivate Sitter Account.”


How do I pay for a reservation?

We accept all major forms of payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) and once your reservation request is accepted by the sitter, you will be automatically prompted to pay for your stay.

When will I be charged?

Once the sitter accepts your reservation request, you will be prompted to pay for your stay to reserve your booking. Expect to see the charge on your bank statement within 24 hours.

How does Meowtel’s payment system work?

Meowtel utilizes Stripe’s payment system - learn more about it here. It is a 100% secure and a safe way to pay and receive payments. In fact, dozens of other startups use Stripe too!

Are there service fees?

At checkout, you'll see a service fee of 5% of the reservation amount which helps to cover our own costs.

Are there sitter fees?

Sitter fees start at a standard 12% commission which Meowtel takes from the total reservation amount. For example, if your daily rate is $20 and a guest books 5 nights, Meowtel will take $12 (or 12%) of the $100.

You can adjust how much commission Meowtel takes if you would like to have a preferred position in the search results through our auction process. If you would like to show up near the top of search results, we recommend adjusting your commission to be higher than 12%.

You can adjust commission rates in your Account Settings.

Safety Questions

How do I know Meowtel sitters can be trusted?

Meowtel does background checks on every sitter. Additionally, if a sitter has a "Verified Badge," that means Meowtel contacted their references and received positive feedback on the individual's capabilities to be trusted with your cats.

Meowtel also offers a review process for each host and user following a reservation. If you want to ensure a great stay for your cat, look for hosts with 5-star ratings!

What if something happens to my cat during a reservation?

Not to worry, if any unexpected incidents occur (emergency vet visit, host negligence during your reservation), immediately call the Meowtel Bellhop (1-844-Meowtel) and our caring staff will resolve your issue. You have our 100% guarantee!

Does Meowtel show my personal information?

Meowtel treats your privacy with the utmost concern, thus, we take several measures to ensure your information is not posted for the world to see. A few examples of this are how we only list your first name in your profile and your location map shows a general vicinity, rather than your exact address, prior to making a reservation.


More tips can be found at: http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/cats/tips/


To make the transition into a host’s household as comfortable as possible, select a quiet, closed-in area, such as a bedroom or a small room away from the main foot traffic, and provide the cat guest with a litter box, food and water, toys, and a scratching post.


Feed cats a balanced diet, provide fresh water on a daily basis, and hosts need to make sure there are no dietary restrictions or allergies for their cat guests. Clean the litter box on a daily basis and keep it in a convenient yet private place. If available, brush cat guests on a daily or semi-daily basis to avoid matting, reduce shedding, and prevent hairballs.


For hosts that choose to watch cats in their own home, it is essential that the premises are safe and ready for curious kitties! Avoid any poisonous plants (lily, poinsettia, daffodils, elephant’s ear, and birds-of-paradise are just a few). Lock up cleaning supplies, medicines, and fragile knick knacks. Unplug electrical cords for cats that may like to chew and secure your screens so they don’t become scratch posts or let the cat out. And lastly…keep toilet lids closed for the aquatic adventurers! If you host a scratcher, cover any affected furniture with a sheet.


Who can I contact to report an issue?

Please visit the contact page to complete our general inquiry form, call the Bellhop (1-844-Meowtel), or send us an email at bellhop@meowtel.com.