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How Meowtel Works

Cats don't do well outside of their home environment. Our cat sitters bring the purrfect hospitality to you.

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  • Search and Reserve a cat sitter

    1. Search and Reserve

    Every Meowtel cat sitter is 5-step vetted & fully insured - we are the cat whisperers!

  • Search and Reserve a cat sitter

    2. Set up your Meet & Greet

    The cat sitter will meet you & the kitties to ensure it's the purrfect match.

  • Search and Reserve a cat sitter

    3. Travel with Peace of Mind

    You'll receive regular updates, including lots of photos and videos!

Reserve a cat sitter


How Meowtel works for a cat parent

    1. Search in your area for a 5-step vetted and fully insured cat sitter who can offer drop-in visits to your home or overnight stays for your kitties.

    2. Request to reserve directly from the cat sitter's profile. We can also assist you in finding a great cat sitter if you prefer.

    3. The cat sitter will review your request and confirm or decline. If confirmed, you will be provided next steps to set up a complimentary Meet & Greet with your cat sitter. If you're not 100% satisfied with your cat sitter choice after the Meet & Greet, give us a call for alternate cat sitters or a refund.

    4. Complete the Cat Profile & Vet Release Forms so your cat sitter can provide the best care possible.

    5. Enjoy your trip! Your cat sitter will send you regular updates & photos to let you know how the fluffy kiddos are doing.

How much does Meowtel cost?

Each Meowtel cat sitter sets their own rates and availability so choose a great cat sitter that works for your budget! Rates start at $22 for a 20 minute drop-in visit to your home.

At checkout, you will see a small Trust & Insurance charge added on to your reservation to guarantee the highest quality sitters and insurance coverage are offered on our platform.

How do I know my cat is in good hands?

Meowtel has several safeguards in check to ensure your cat receives excellent care:

    Background Checks
    Every cat sitter on Meowtel has to pass a basic background check before being approved.
    Look for badges, reviews, and qualifications on the cat sitter's profile.
    Every Meowtel cat sitter is fully insured through our platform-wide insurance coverage.
    Coaching & On-boarding
    We have mandatory reference checks and coaching calls to ensure we have the best cat whisperers in our cat sitter community!


Our process:

We have a thorough vetting and approval process which typically takes 7-10 business days to complete. The more complete your sitter listing is, the higher your chances are of being approved.

It's free to submit your sitter listing and our process consists of 6 steps:

  1. Create your Meowtel account
  2. Showcase your cat experience & knowledge
  3. We'll contact your references and conduct a background check paid for by Meowtel
  4. Demonstrate you're ready to conduct reservations
  5. Complete your Sitter Activation Call with a Meowtel team member
  6. Open up your sitter availability and get meowin'!
How much does Meowtel cost for a cat sitter?
Meowtel takes a variable commission rate from each reservation. It is completely free to create an account and complete the sitter application.
How does Meowtel help me?
Meowtel offers several value-added services, free of charge, to ensure you can provide the best care to your clients:
Every Meowtel cat sitter is automatically bonded and insured through our premium cat sitter insurance coverage.
We will generously promote you through our online channels and provide marketing materials to help build your client base.
Our in-house team is happy to support you every step of the way, from on-boarding to handling customer incidents, and everything in between.
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