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FAQs for finding cat sitters in Dallas, TX

How much does a cat sitter cost in Dallas, TX?
Hiring a cat sitter in Dallas, TX will cost an average of $26 as of October, 2022. This cat sitting rate is based on in-home care via drop-in visits or overnight stays and will vary depending on the duration of each visit. Some cat sitters will charge a fixed rate per day if full-time care is requested. You can find and book cat sitters in Dallas that meet your needs and fit your budget.
What type of local pet sitting services can I find on Meowtel.com?
Cat sitters in Dallas, TX offer different services, but the most common ones are cat sitting in your own home. Meowtel.com's cat sitters offer drop-in visits and overnight stays in your home and can also administer medications, attend to special needs, do light house duties, and their sitters will also sent lots of photo or video updates each visit.
How can I find a local cat sitter?
You can search for 5-step vetted and fully insured local cat sitters in Dallas. Meowtel.com's sitter profiles display their experience, reviews and ratings, achievement badges, bios, and qualifications. There are currently 17 cat sitters in Dallas, TX on Meowtel.com.

Meet the cat community in Dallas, TX

Everything is bigger in Texas they say, and that includes the love this great state has for four legged furry friends, with the percentage of cat owning households sitting at 28.3%. Texas also has the claim to fame of having the largest population of cats in the continental U.S., at a whopping number of 5,565,00. That's a lot of cats!

Dallas is one of the most popular places to live in Texas with its variety of options for things to do, and don't worry, that includes activities for you cat loving folk as well.

Looking for a place to relax, hang out with some cats, maybe even get a bite to eat? You need to take a visit to the The Charming Cat Café. This cat-friendly environment operates just outside downtown Dallas in Lewisville, and is the longest running cat café in Texas, the first of its kind in the DFW area. Their mission centers around de-stressing the cat adoption process for cats and creating a calm environment in which to meet and mingle with adoptable cats. Instead of fostering and travelling back and forth with the cats, they keep the cats at one public fostering center, where people can travel to see them and not the other way around, there's even many different comfortable rooms for the cats to travel between.

If you're looking to meet some like-minded cat lovers, you're in luck! Dallas has its very own cat lovers meetup with 316 members with more joining all the time! They host events where you can mingle with one another's cats, trade tips and tricks to cat care, and make some new friends.

Dallas also boasts many parks and recreation centers that are pet-friendly. One of the best places to take your cat for some outdoor time is White Rock Lake. If your cat enjoys the outdoors and is good on a leash, consider taking him or her to White Rock Lake to enjoy some trails or a picnic. It has lots of open space and picnic tables to hang out at. You could even host your own meet-up or take your cat on a playdate and use this space to do it!

If you're looking to adopt, you're in luck! Dallas has many organizations that you can feel good about supporting. Dallas Cat Rescue is a great option for both adopting and volunteering because it is an entirely volunteer run organization, with the mission to reduce the number of homeless cats in the Dallas area. You can even volunteer to be a “matchmaker” and help match potential owners with the right pet.

Similarly, Texas Cares is another all volunteer led organization that targets unwanted or rejected cats in the DFW area. This is a fantastic organization that also does their part in educating the public about the huge responsibility of pet ownership and humane care for pets, so that situations where cats are rejected or unwanted become fewer and fewer. Most of the cats they have for adoption are cats that have been abandoned, unwanted, or were found roaming the streets in the DFW area.

If you're a bit nervous about adopting, and you want to make sure you get matched with the right cat for you, take a look at Dallas Cat Lady Adoptions. The mission behind Dallas Cat Lady Adoptions is to give cats a little bit more time to find a permanent home. They take time to make sure the fit is purrfect for both owner and pet. If you choose to adopt through Dallas Cat Lady Adoptions, you can rest assured that you and your cat will be together for a lifetime. They also hold time for meet-and-greets every week, so there are plenty of opportunities to find the right cat for you.

Are you looking to foster? New Beginnings Cat Rescue might be the right organization to look into. They do not have a shelter, but instead opt to place cats right into the care of loving foster parents, so they have a high demand for locals who are looking to provide some temporary love and care to a cat in need. You can be a part of placing 365 cats on average a year in their permanent homes, which this organization did last year.

The dark side of that large cat population that lives in Texas is that some of them do not have homes. Unfortunately, Dallas has its fair share of stray or feral cats. Luckily, Dallas has places that help with the health needs of stray cats, as well as places that aim to find homes for these homeless cats.

The SPCA of Texas is a great local resource for feral or stray cats. Most feral cats have either been abandoned or come from the lineage of abandoned cats. The SPCA offers spaying and neutering, vaccinations for rabies, and notch an ear to keep track of cats in the community who have been spayed or neutered, which helps with the overpopulation that could lead to these cats being euthanized. They also do adoptions with in-house meet and greets.

Dallas cares about this problem, so they have their own “Feral Cat Trap Neuter-Return” Program that is city run. The TNR Program can be used for community cats and feral cats alike, and like the SPCA they take them in and neuter/spay them and then return them to their environment. Their website also does a great job explaining why the trapping and euthanizing of these animals does not help long-term overpopulation efforts.

Meowtel encourages you to get involved in your local community! Get to know cat lovers in your community, volunteer or support organizations that uphold cat health and safety, and have a good time doing it. Looking for a sitter in Dallas? Meowtel has you covered.

And if you do live in Dallas, one thing is for sure, you can feel good about your community and the love it has for cats!

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