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FAQs for finding cat sitters in Fort Worth, TX

How much does a cat sitter cost in Fort Worth, TX?
Hiring a cat sitter in Fort Worth, TX will cost an average of $24 as of October, 2022. This cat sitting rate is based on in-home care via drop-in visits or overnight stays and will vary depending on the duration of each visit. Some cat sitters will charge a fixed rate per day if full-time care is requested. You can find and book cat sitters in Fort Worth that meet your needs and fit your budget.
What type of local pet sitting services can I find on Meowtel.com?
Cat sitters in Fort Worth, TX offer different services, but the most common ones are cat sitting in your own home. Meowtel.com's cat sitters offer drop-in visits and overnight stays in your home and can also administer medications, attend to special needs, do light house duties, and their sitters will also sent lots of photo or video updates each visit.
How can I find a local cat sitter?
You can search for 5-step vetted and fully insured local cat sitters in Fort Worth. Meowtel.com's sitter profiles display their experience, reviews and ratings, achievement badges, bios, and qualifications. There are currently 8 cat sitters in Fort Worth, TX on Meowtel.com.

Meet the cat community in Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth, Texas is known to be the more “western” sister city of Dallas. Where Dallas is modern and fast paced, Fort Worth is a bit more laid back and takes more pride in western traditions. Fort Worth is a fun place laced with western tradition mixed in with a modern flair on food and entertainment. There's plenty to do in the area, including vast outdoor recreation, fun restaurants, and unique “Texan” experiences like visiting the stockyards, buying some cowboy boots, or watching the cattle run. There's no doubt about it, living in Fort Worth, you feel like a true Texan, and there is never a lack of interesting activities to see and do. If you're a cat owner or cat lover in Fort Worth, there's tons of cat-friendly activities you can do year-round—thanks in part to the warm weather!

If you're looking for some quality cat time, you don't have to go far! The first stop that you cannot miss if you love cats in Fort Worth is the Casual Cat Café. If you're looking to adopt or just looking to get some cat cuddles in, the Casual Cat Café is the perfect spot. They offer “cuddle time” with adoptable cats in a comfortable setting. Did you know cuddling with animals can help a lot with stress? Cuddling with cats at the Casual Cat Café could be just what you need after a long day of work, while grabbing a quick snack at the same time. All the cats are adoptable, and they take the adoption fees to give back to the local shelters, so you can feel good about their mission of getting all the cats adopted that they can.

The Casual Cat Café also hosts a variety of events such as cat yoga, painting with cats, and crafting with cats. Perfect for getting some exercise in and flexing your creative muscle. The café also has tons of cat-centric merchandise for purchase right in the shop that are homemade locally. You can even sport some clothing with a cute kitty logo on, for purchase at the café. The Casual Cat Café is really a one-stop shop for all your cat-loving needs, located right near downtown Fort Worth!

If that's not enough, Fort Worth has many restaurants that are “pet friendly.” Put your cat in a harness or in a stroller, and enjoy a nice meal with them out on the town in an urban patio setting. A good option is the Ginger Man, this restaurant offers shaded patio seating, delicious food, and a pet-friendly environment. If you're just looking to unwind and grab a drink, consider Kent and Co. Wines. They don't offer food but they do accept deliveries from nearby restaurants while you relax with your furry friend on their pet-friendly patio.

After grabbing a bite to eat, consider taking your cat on a nice walk in one of Fort Worth's many parks. There's so many parks and trails in Fort Worth it might be hard to decide! Consider Airfield Falls and Conservation Park, known for its history and beautiful trails that lead to the Trinity River and a natural water fall so you and your cat can get some exercise and fresh air in (or your cat can be pampered in a stroller).

If you're looking for a great spot to picnic with your furry friend, check out Twin Points Park. This lovely, waterside park has plenty of wide-open spaces and greenery, making it the perfect place for a picnic or for a cat playdate or meetup with some fellow cat lovers! Enjoy a day with your cat, sitting by the water, having a bite to eat, and taking in the sites of the people passing by or playing in the water.

If you want to take your cat on a stroll with some city side views, Parques in Fort Worth is the park for you! Stroll through the park with skyscrapers and city lights right in front of you, perfect for an evening stroll. This park can become a little more populated since it is so central to the city, so keep that in mind if your cat doesn't do well around other people or pets.

If you're in the market to adopt, Fort Worth offers some ethical options. In addition to the Casual Cat Café listed above, which is an amazing option where you can mingle and meet with the cats that are available for adoption and get to know the different personalities, you can find your perfect match at a few different places without having to go far.

One such place is Buddies Place Cat Rescue of Texas. Buddies Place focuses only on adopting out cats and kittens, so it's a little more unique than the run of the mill shelter. They even have a cute catchphrase, “we've got cattitude.” Since they are just committed to cats, they have a great selection of cats of all different breeds, ages, and personality types. You can find their adoptable cats in two local locations in Fort Worth, PetSmart and Petco, or you can contact them directly if a cat on their site catches your eye, and they will set up a meet and greet for you.

Buddies has the goal of educating the community and working to eradicate homelessness for cats in the DFW area. They also offer foster and volunteer opportunities, since they do depend on kind-hearted volunteers to run the organization, so if you're looking to get involved in a cat-loving organization, this would be a good place to do it.

If that weren't enough, Buddies also has the initiative in the community to educate and spread awareness for the need of Trap-Neuter-Return programs, which can help greatly reduce the issues of homelessness in cats in the Fort Worth metroplex. They do trap cats and spay and neuter them before releasing them back to their colony or providing an alternative placement for them.

Enjoy these outings with your cat in Fort Worth, and if you're ever looking for a sitter, Meowtel has locally sourced and highly rated individuals who will cater to your cats needs.

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