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FAQs for finding cat sitters in Los Angeles, CA

How much does a cat sitter cost in Los Angeles, CA?
Hiring a cat sitter in Los Angeles, CA will cost an average of $30 as of October, 2022. This cat sitting rate is based on in-home care via drop-in visits or overnight stays and will vary depending on the duration of each visit. Some cat sitters will charge a fixed rate per day if full-time care is requested. You can find and book cat sitters in Los Angeles that meet your needs and fit your budget.
What type of local pet sitting services can I find on Meowtel.com?
Cat sitters in Los Angeles, CA offer different services, but the most common ones are cat sitting in your own home. Meowtel.com's cat sitters offer drop-in visits and overnight stays in your home and can also administer medications, attend to special needs, do light house duties, and their sitters will also sent lots of photo or video updates each visit.
How can I find a local cat sitter?
You can search for 5-step vetted and fully insured local cat sitters in Los Angeles. Meowtel.com's sitter profiles display their experience, reviews and ratings, achievement badges, bios, and qualifications. There are currently 85 cat sitters in Los Angeles, CA on Meowtel.com.

Meet the cat community in Los Angeles, CA

From animal rescue centers to cat-related activities, here's everything you need to know about Los Angeles as a cat owner (or just lover)!

Domestic cats in Los Angeles

Overall, Los Angeles is a pretty cat-friendly city. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Pet Products Association, out of 1,723,389 households that own pets in LA, 771,076 of them own cats or about 44%.
If you're thinking of adding a member to your cat-family, note that the Los Angeles City Council recently raised the household limit of cats from 3 to 5.

Stray cats in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has faced serious stray cat issues in recent years. While the exact number is hard to calculate, it is estimated that there are 3 million feral cats in Los Angeles County. The city has implemented various measures to combat this problem. Most notably, the No-Kill LA initiative is dedicated to end animal euthanasia in shelters and unites many cat rescues, organizations and individuals all over the city.

Cat shelters in Los Angeles

Whether you're looking to adopt, foster, donate or volunteer, you'll be happy to know that there's a plethora of rescue shelters spread across the city.
ASPCA is present in the Los Angeles area and always has multiple cats looking for homes.
LA Animal Services operates six centers throughout Los Angeles (with a spay/neuter clinic on site): East Valley Center, Harbor Center, North Central Center, Chesterfield Square Center, West Los Angeles Center and West Valley Center.
Best Friends Animal Society LA has opened two cat adoption centers: NKLA Pet Adoption Center in West LA and Kitten Care Center in Mission Hills.
The Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats is present in South and West LA. More than an adoption center, they also offer NTR services and Working Cat programs.
There are plenty more across the county, making it very convenient for anyone to adopt a cat in the city.

Missing/found cats in Los Angeles

Los Angelenos love their furbabies and are always willing to help cats find their way home. The Nextdoor app is widely used in LA neighborhoods to report missing pets. This is a great tool for finding your missing cat or the owner of a found cat. You can also join this local Facebook group and see if they can post about it. Make sure to also visit this LA Animal Services page for useful tips and guidelines.

Cat cafés in Los Angeles

LA has a satisfying amount of cat cafes and lounges where you can enjoy a nice meow-ment sipping coffee and socializing with cats! Located in West LA, CatCafe Lounge is perhaps the most popular of all. This non-profit cat café actively participates in helping to reduce cat killings in LA. The café is home to 35+ resident cats, all available for adoption. You can also head over to Crumbs & Whiskers on Melrose for a fresh beverage and play session with their adoptable cats. If you're lucky, you might even get a glimpse of your favorite Hollywood stars as this is a celebrity-adored spot. If you're near Long Beach, be sure to visit Feline Good Social Club and hang out with their 25+ adoptable cats. Lastly, Moon Cat Café is a mobile experience where you'll find great coffee, cute artisan goods and of course adoptable cats. Location varies, so check the schedule to find out when they'll be in your neighborhood.

Cat themed activities in Los Angeles

Whether you're a cat parent, a cat lover, or both, Los Angeles offers plenty of cat-related things to try and places to visit. One of the most anticipated cat events is the annual CatCon. Visitors from all over the country travel to LA to celebrate pop and cat culture. Another must-visit place for cat lovers is the Iliad Bookshop in North Hollywood. This cute bookstore is home to cat-duo Zeus and Apollo, who like to interact with the visitors and lounge around the space. The bookshop has been a temporary home to other local stray cats in need. Many local rescues organize cat-related events throughout the year, such as Kitten Rescue's LA Marathon fundraiser. This is a great way to get your cat-fix all while supporting your local cat rescue centers!

Feline celebrities of Los Angeles

While some might describe it as a concrete jungle, LA's wild life is actually quite remarkable. The city is home to big cats, such as cougars and pumas, that live in close proximity to residents. In 2012, a mountain lion called P22 became somewhat of an urban legend when he was spotted in Griffin Park. Scientists continue to track his movements through GPS and it's said that he's still roaming around the area.
Los Angeles isn't home to just human celebrities, but also feline stars! One of them is Orangey, aka the cat from Breakfast at Tiffany's. The movie might have been set in New York, but this cat actor starred in multiple Hollywood movies. Today, his resting place is located in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills.

Overall, Los Angeles has a great community of cat owners and lovers who unite around local cat rescuing initiatives and frequent the city's cat cafes. It is safe to say that LA loves and cares about its cats. This is a pretty cat-friendly city and you should have no problem getting by as a cat parent!

And if you're looking for a cat-sitter in Los Angeles, we've got you covered! Search through our vetted meow-sitter network to find the best one in your area. We serve 49 neighborhoods in Los Angeles and beyond!

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