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FAQs for finding cat sitters in Seattle, WA

How much does a cat sitter cost in Seattle, WA?
Hiring a cat sitter in Seattle, WA will cost an average of $29 as of October, 2022. This cat sitting rate is based on in-home care via drop-in visits or overnight stays and will vary depending on the duration of each visit. Some cat sitters will charge a fixed rate per day if full-time care is requested. You can find and book cat sitters in Seattle that meet your needs and fit your budget.
What type of local pet sitting services can I find on Meowtel.com?
Cat sitters in Seattle, WA offer different services, but the most common ones are cat sitting in your own home. Meowtel.com's cat sitters offer drop-in visits and overnight stays in your home and can also administer medications, attend to special needs, do light house duties, and their sitters will also sent lots of photo or video updates each visit.
How can I find a local cat sitter?
You can search for 5-step vetted and fully insured local cat sitters in Seattle. Meowtel.com's sitter profiles display their experience, reviews and ratings, achievement badges, bios, and qualifications. There are currently 38 cat sitters in Seattle, WA on Meowtel.com.

Meet the cat community in Seattle, WA

Seattle is one of the US's most beautiful coastal cities and is a bit underrated. With the stereotype of “rainy and never sunny” it is either your cup of team immediately or it isn't, but you'd be surprised how nice the weather is, staying between 40 and 70 degrees year-round. Even so, with the amazing landscape, large population, many opportunities, and reasonable seasonal weather (even if it is a little rainy), it's not a secret that Seattle is the home to a lot of fun, interesting people. Cat Lovers included! With outdoor activities, a bit of an eclectic west coast vibe, and tons of outdoor restaurants, you'll never be bored.

With that much going on, there are many fun things to do around the city if you're interested in cats and meeting other cat loving people, and you don't have to go far!

In a city known for its sleepy café's, it should come as no surprise that there are not one, not two, but THREE cat cafes in Seattle, each with enough personalization to stand out individually. With these impressive cat-stablishments, Seattle truly sets itself apart as an all inclusive and cat-loving city!

Grab a friend and go on over to Seattle Meowtropolitan. This cat café has a chill vibe and is somewhere you would generally go for a grab of coffee and a little bit of cat-loving time. They serve quality Herkimer Coffee and have cats roaming the shop that are adoptable from the Regional Animal Services of King County. The cat's roam and have a cat lounge where you can go and spend some personal time getting to know them, which is great if you're in the market for adoption. The café also has baked goods that take on the form of some of the cats in the café (cat-shaped cookies, cupcakes decorated to look like cats, etc. so you can enjoy a nice and relaxing morning or afternoon sipping on some coffee, playing with some cute, adorable cats and having a delicious bite to eat. They also host private parties so get a few of your closest cat-loving friends together and rent the place out for birthdays or celebrations!

If you're a cat lover, this is the perfect way to spend your free day, and you could even meet fellow cat lovers that frequent the café as well!

Now, if you're looking for a bit more of an evening and romantic vibe, you'll definitely want to check out Neko: A Cat Café. Cozily nestled into downtown Seattle with calming décor and lighting, Neko is the perfect spot for cat lovers to hang out after the sun goes down. Like Seattle Meowtropoliatn, Neko also has adoptable cats in the shop that you can play with and enjoy throughout your visit, but Niko stands out from other Cat Cafés because they serve wine and beer. This would be a great spot for an evening in Seattle, or maybe a date night with a fellow cat lover. It's a fun and romantic place and it might even lead to adopting a cat, what could be better?

Our third cat café is once again very unique and unlike anything we've seen in other cities! The Emerald City Café is a standalone walk-up coffee stand with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food options. It's directly connected to the Emerald City Kitty Harbor, which is a cat-adoption rescue facility located in West Seattle. This establishment is a great place to go if you're looking for a furrever friend of any age that's been rescued from a tough situation. Meet and greets for adoptions are by appointment only, but patrons of the Emerald City Café can purchase their coffee and snacks and enjoy them while peering directly into the lobby of Emerald City Kitty Harbor and watch the adoptable cats play through the viewing window. It might inspire you to make an appointment if you see a cat you absolutely cannot pass up meeting! All proceeds go directly back to the adoptable rescue facility as well, so if you're looking to drink some coffee and do some good for the rescued cats of your community, this is the café for you.

Like we mentioned earlier, it's not all rain in Seattle! There are nice days too and you'll want to take advantage of them. If you and your cat are a nature lover, you're in luck. Seattle boasts pet-friendly parks and nature trails galore.

If your cat likes to walk on a leash (or enjoys being pushed in a stroller) and enjoys all the smells and sights nature has to offer, you'll want to check out Golden Parks. This park really has it all! Wetlands, beaches, hiking trails and more! Stroll with your cat through the trails. Get some fresh sea-filled air down by the beach. Or set up a nice picnic with your cat and your cat loving friends at the picnic table area of the park or set up your own cat-meetup!

Speaking of cat-loving meetups, consider joining an animal lovers meetup, where all animal talks are welcome, such as Seattle Area Animal Communicators. They welcome all animal topics and discuss how you can learn more about your pet by listening to them and communicating. It's an interesting organization, and if you want to learn more about it or about your cat, consider attending a few meetings!

If you're looking to relax with your cat on a patio while enjoying a nice meal, there are plenty of places in Seattle that are pet-friendly! One such place is the delicious Portage Bay Café. Famous for amazing brunch, this restaurant has a large outdoor space that is very pet-friendly. So put your cat on a leash or in a stroller and stroll right up to get some amazing crepes off their menu.

One thing is for sure, Seattle is a very cat-friendly city with a lot to offer. Enjoy all the cat-tastic opportunities to get out and about in this fabulous city, and remember if you're ever in need of a city, Meowtel has several wonderful sitters in Seattle.

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