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Heather (Psychologist for Pets & People)

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This Cat sitter in Los Angeles, CA offers:

  Complimentary Meet & Greets
  Drop-in visits to your home once per day
$45.00 / 20min visit
$59.00 / 45min visit
$75.00 / 90min visit
  Overnight stays
$139.00 / Overnight stays in your home
Heather has a 30% increase in pricing on and around federal holidays.
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Meow! I am Heather, a Cat sitter in Los Angeles, CA

Hello! My name is Heather, and I am a Clinical/Forensic Psychologist and lifelong animal lover. Growing up, there were always animals in my home, from two cats who passed away to a beautiful Husky/Shepherd mix, Brittany. After she passed away at 16, it felt wrong to replace her with another dog, so I opted to rescue a kitten from the Humane Society. Nearly 18 years later, Raven Neill continues to be my partner-in-crime and is still going strong. Raven is my heart and soul.

While I love all animals, being Raven’s mommy/hooman has solidified my love for cats. Many, not all, cats are particular and, as a psychologist, I find their personalities fascinating and adorable. I respect their independence, which makes their affection and trust more meaningful to me.

I have volunteered on multiple animal conversation projects in Central America. The first, and most relevant, was at a wildlife refuge that rehabilitated abused, injured, discarded animals, and we cared for them, as well as handled the upkeep of the center. Some of the animals I worked with include, but are not limited to, kittens/cats, dogs, owls, monkeys (howler/spider/white-face), birds, coatis, a pig, alligators, turtles, and a baby porcupine, to name a few. In addition to animals, traveling is my other passion (as well as psychology). I have traveled solo to 30+ countries, I enjoy scuba diving, yoga, volunteering for a human rights organization, and exposing myself to new and diverse cultures.

As previously mentioned, I have a master’s and a doctorate in clinical psychology, I completed a formal postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology, and I am a former federal law enforcement officer with the DOJ. I recently relocated to Downtown Los Angeles, as living in California has always been my dream (I’m originally from the DC/MD area). I am currently working as a Consultant and Independent Contractor, although my passion is providing services to patients suffering from severe and persistent mental illness who are also involved in the legal system and are in inpatient/correctional environments. I anticipate returning to the inpatient setting; however, given the current state of affairs, I am taking my time. Also, I’m studying for my license to practice in California.

As a consultant and contractor, my schedule is extremely flexible, and I can work from anywhere as long as there is WIFI. I am generally available from mid-morning through the day, and I can easily accommodate my schedule to match yours. While I specified I am available only once per day, I am open to coming by more if necessary, and I would be happy to discuss. I am also available to sleep at your residence if you wish. That said, I must let you know that I would return to my home to feed and spend some quality time with Raven during the day (but not all day).

Given that I’m relatively new to Downtown Los Angeles, I am not yet familiar with various neighborhoods. I do own a car, and I would be willing to drive a greater distance for the right kitties. It’s important to me that both parties are comfortable and confident in my ability to provide your cat(s) with the best quality of care. Your cat is family, and I want all of us to feel safe. I believe it’s important to maintain honest, forthright communication, and I will respectfully decline requests to kitty sit if I do not feel safe or if there is strong evidence of animal abuse or neglect taking place. Safety and accessibility (parking and WIFI) are a must. My rates will vary based on the number of desired visits per day, distance, or other tasks that may be involved outside of traditional kitty care.

Ultimately, I believe my character and work ethic as described above is an accurate reflection of the type of person I am, as well as my personal morals and values. I would be happy to speak with you via Zoom or telephone, as well as in-person, if you have any questions for me. My ultimate goal is to provide you with peace of mind while away from your little ones, and pets and people happen to be my specialty.

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