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Hannah's FelineFancy Catsitting in DC

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This cat sitter in Washington, DC offers:

  Complimentary Meet & Greets
  Drop-in visits to your home once or twice per day
$30.00 / 20min visit
$50.00 / 45min visit
Hannah has a 20% increase in pricing on and around federal holidays.
 Average response time: 60min
 Repeat clients: 6

Meow! I am Hannah, a cat sitter in Washington, DC

Travel Information: I will be getting to your home via MetroRail. I cannot accept any requests that are over a 15 minute walk from a station. If you have any questions or requests, please shoot me a message and we can chat!

I've been a big fan of cats old and young since I was little. I grew up with three cats and shared the responsibility with my brother to take care of them. Once he left for college I took care of the kitties, including one or two who had medicine to take every day or special food only they should eat. I also have extensive experience with dogs, in case there are any in your home as well!

When I went to college I worked at Crumbs and Whiskers, the cat cafe in Georgetown. I took care of up to 25 cats at some times, scooping litter, brushing them, feeding them on time and of course long play sessions for the more hyper of the bunch. I took care of some of the most shy cats, making sure they were healthy and encouraging them to come out to play if they were feeling up to it. Many of our cats also needed daily or twice daily meds, ranging from simple pills to injections.

When I left Crumbs and Whiskers, I stayed in touch with the foster network they work with, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. I've fostered cats from barely weaned to 13 years old and needing IV fluids. They've all been such darlings and I get so excited whenever I get the call to help foster!

I am quite fluent in cat language and I can read their moods with a glance! I know how odd some cats can be with that- I have a cat myself who always lashes her tail when she is excited rather than angry. Very odd. But I've become good at picking up what a movement or stance may mean within the context of the rest of their bodies.

Overall I have extensive experience with cats, with hands on caretaking for 15+ years. I have experience with young and old, perfectly healthy and cats on meds. I know how to care for other animals as well, especially when it comes to respecting a cat's space and ensuring every furry friend in the house is happy. I can't wait to hear from you and I'm excited to meet your companion!

COVID Update: I wanted to add a little section here about my COVID practices to keep everyone furry or otherwise, safe! I am fully vaccinated, though I am happy to wear a mask the entire time I am in your home, and am more than happy to add other safety measures should you request them including wearing gloves and wiping down things I use with the kitties with cleaning products! Just let me know and I'm more than happy to accommodate!

Cancellation Policy

  • A 100% credit will be issued to your Gift Card Balance if a confirmed reservation is canceled or modified anytime up to 48 hours prior to the start date of the reservation and the sitter's earnings will be canceled. All timing is based on the sitter's time zone and start date is defined as 12:00am of the first day listed on the reservation.
  • After the 48 hour mark, no refunds or credits can be issued to the customer for any cancellations or modifications and the sitter will still receive their full earnings.


  I ride public transit

Cat Sitter's Qualifications

  Foster parent for cats
  Shelter volunteer

Cat Sitter's Medication Experience

  Topical Ointments/Flea Preventatives
  Oral Medication/Pills
  Diabetic Management/Injections
  Subcutaneous Fluids

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