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Yetza, pawsome LA sitter!

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This cat sitter in Los Angeles, CA offers:

  Complimentary Meet & Greets
  Drop-in visits to your home once or twice per day
$33.00 / 20min visit
$46.00 / 45min visit
Yetzamil has a 30% increase in pricing on and around federal holidays.
 Average response time: 38min
 Repeat clients: 4

Meow! I am Yetzamil, a cat sitter in Los Angeles, CA

Hi there! My name is Yetza (Jet-sah), and I can't wait to meet you and your tiny furry master!

I have had cats ever since I was old enough to take care of them. Being introverted, I find it easy to relate to cats since we know how to give each other our space when necessary.

I grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to the states right after graduating college. My cat at the time, Mimi, stayed back home with my mother because I didn't want to put her through the stress of such a big move. She's also an indoor/outdoor cat, and I wasn't going to be able to give her that once I moved. So we decided it would be best for her if she stayed in the home she knew and loved, with people who would take care of her just as I would. Today, Mimi is a senior cat and is doing very well. Every time I talk to my mom I ask about her and seeing her when I go visit is always a real treat.

A couple of years after I moved I missed the company of a kitty and that's when my fluff queen, Kumi, came into my life. I formed a bond with her I had never had with an animal before. Which is why when I had to suddenly say goodbye to her January 2021 I was devastated and heartbroken. I did everything I could to save her but our time together had to come to an end. I haven't fully recovered yet, but my love for tiny felines and my need to interact with them still remains.

Cat sitting provides a way for me to lovingly play and care for cats while providing their humans the relief of knowing their furry ones are in good hands when they're not around. I know firsthand just how important this is.

I have the ability to read a cat's "vibe" and body language and calibrate accordingly, so I can ensure the cat is comfortable and not stressed by the presence of a stranger. I once lived with a kitty who didn't like hands but I was still able to bond with him because I would use my feet to pet him instead! I will only play with a cat as much as they want to, and will let them dictate the level of closeness/touch that they're comfortable with. I will also never interact with anything in your space that's not absolutely required to take care of your kitty. I will show the utmost respect for your space and your property. I can also administer meds if necessary, as I am familiar with giving pills, liquids, eye drops, eardrops, and topical medications.

I can walk to nearby neighborhoods and I also share a car with my partner so I would be able to visit other areas if scheduling allows for use of the car. Message me and we will figure it out!

I am fully vaccinated and will still wear a mask to every meeting if you so desire. Your safety and mine are top of mind.

I am a Software Engineer working remotely so my schedule is considerably flexible during regular work hours. When I'm not working or watching cat videos I love dancing, especially Latin dancing. I recently got into Ballroom and look forward to growing my skills and technique. I also love baking, reading, and writing as creative outlets.

Cancellation Policy

  • A 100% credit will be issued to your Gift Card Balance if a confirmed reservation is canceled or modified anytime up to 48 hours prior to the start date of the reservation and the sitter's earnings will be canceled. All timing is based on the sitter's time zone and start date is defined as 12:00am of the first day listed on the reservation.
  • After the 48 hour mark, no refunds or credits can be issued to the customer for any cancellations or modifications and the sitter will still receive their full earnings.


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