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This cat sitter in Lititz, PA offers:

  Complimentary Meet & Greets
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$24.00 / 20min visit
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$56.00 / 90min visit
Brian has a 30% increase in pricing on and around federal holidays.
 Average response time: 9min
 Repeat clients: 2

Meow! I am Brian, a cat sitter in Lititz, PA

Hello and welcome fellow fur parents.

Likely, the most indisputable trait that my mother instilled into me and my 2 sisters during our upbringing is our overwhelming appreciation, love, and concern for cats. I've noticed that some dog owners (my wife previously included) feel as though they are able to look down on cat owners (a.k.a. fanatics) because of being perceived as 'lazy pet owners' since we are not required to interact with them as often as dogs. But I wholeheartedly disagree in that many of us cat owners realize that we are in fact more engaged with our feline friends than others would be with their dogs to make them the pet we hope for them to be. Thor, our sole young adult MALE cat, acts like a dog and I am his master. When he isn't napping, he oftentimes intentionally seeks me out to simply be near me. While preparing food in the kitchen, he remains between my legs and moves back between them every time I move from one place to another. When I sit in my recliner he hops into my lap and sprawls out so that I can rub what most cats consider the 'danger zone' the belly and he snoozes with his paws tucked up into his chest. I can't have an entire night of comfortable sleep without him being either hammocked between my legs, tucked under my arm, or (more often than I would like to admit) crammed face-first into my butt while I try to sleep on my side.

Nevé, our 2nd fur-baby (generation 2), was an adoption from my sister's unintentional collection of cats and kittens at a local (to her) barn. Nevé is a french word of Latin origin that means 'field of granular snow' which suits her perfectly as she is a beautiful fluffy white color with 2 grey highlights; one on her forehead and her tail. She is 3 years old and has taken to my wife from the start. As I initially described her, she is the most INTENSE LAP CAT I have ever encountered. She frequently and instantly asserts herself into the lap (of my wife more than mine) and takes instant comfort in knowing she is loved.

I am a retired Army medic. My most valued award (this includes awards for tours to Iraq) is my MOVSM. It is a military outstanding volunteer service medal that I was awarded for all my time devoted to shelters and independent organizations in and around the San Antonio area. I spent entire days in Petco's and Petsmart's showing kittens and cats both young and old. I documented each adoption that I was able to accomplish and can say that I proudly found 52 cats forever homes.

I don't take my integrity or your earned trust lightly and understand that if you were to select me to cat sit for you, you are actually leaving what is one of your most valued items in my care; a member of your family. I take that seriously.

Cancellation Policy

  • A 100% credit will be issued to your Gift Card Balance if a confirmed reservation is canceled or modified anytime up to 48 hours prior to the start date of the reservation and the sitter's earnings will be canceled. All timing is based on the sitter's time zone and start date is defined as 12:00am of the first day listed on the reservation.
  • After the 48 hour mark, no refunds or credits can be issued to the customer for any cancellations or modifications and the sitter will still receive their full earnings.


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