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Cats in Charge

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  Complimentary Meet & Greet
  Drop-in visits to your home
$23.00 / Drop-in once per day
$42.00 / Drop-in twice per day
I have a 30% increase in pricing on and around federal holidays.
  Average response time: 44 min.
  Repeat clients: 2
Meow, I am Cheryl!
I’m Cheryl Young and this is my Fun-Time Job! I cater to kitties, um, I mean, to kitty parents that want their cats cared for by someone with cat care experience. So, if you have a normal, not so normal or special needs kitty, you've come to the place.

They need so much more love and care than people realize. My kitties were special needs cats or as some would say special care kitties. I stressed and worried every time I had to travel because I discovered that many pet sitters didn't know how to interact, love or care for a kitty, and I had four. Far too many people still believe that cats are solitary animals that need only water, food, a place to sleep and a place to, well, you know what I mean?

If you’ve noticed that your pet care professional does little more than the mechanics of pet sitting, i.e., feed, pour fresh water, scoop the litter box, sit for a few minutes and that’s it, it’s time to find someone who gets it. Cats deeply feel, need attention and express genuine love. Even shy cats, when given a little time and patience, will warm up to a new person, much like a human being does.

Today, more kitty parents are seeking great kitty care professionals that know more than a thing or two about cats. Why? Because there are cool cats and “cats from hades” and they all have their reasons and stories to share. As pet care professionals, all of us here get that.

It started in 1991 when I rescued kittens that were not adoptable. A mommy kitty placed two of her kittens on my balcony as if she knew I would care for them. They had serious health issues and I couldn’t refuse them. They were mine. I didn’t look back. I didn’t know beans about cats and grabbed every book I could find to change that. Yes, books. Remember books? Speaking of, I could easily write one. Can you tell?

I administer medications by injection, IV, and by mouth. I have applied topical medications, changed dressing and bandages to any pet that needed care. While taking care of kitties, I exhibit love, stroke, smooch, and sooth to encourage them to permit me to touch them and attend to their medical needs. It’s amazing, how the extra attention has turned into bonding moments. I don’t charge extra for administering medications. I do ask that for kitties with renal failure or require more medical attention stay at a veterinary hospital that can handle a more serious medical condition.

It's a risk to leave kitties unattended for even one day and it's a liability to us. Cats are curious after all. Anything can happen when a pet is left alone, and cats are no exception.

Visits include fresh water, food, litter box scooping, brushing, playtime, loads of cuddles, smooches, and baby talk.

Mail and packages will be collected, plants watered, lights alternated, trash day service, and home walkthroughs.

I am certified in Pet First Aid/CPR, Safety, and Health (2018 - 2020)
I am a member of Professional United Pet Sitters

I provide service to West Frisco, and I look forward to taking care of your kitties. More areas will be covered in the future.
Cancellation Policy
Moderate: 50% refund if canceled anytime up to 24 hours prior to the start of the reservation. No refund is issued if canceled within 24 hours of the start date.
  I have a car
  Animal CPR trained
  Foster parent for cats
  Professional pet sitter
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Travels 5 miles