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Lucinda Loves Purrs

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  Complimentary Meet & Greet
  Drop-in visits to your home
$24.00 / Drop-in once per day
$45.00 / Drop-in twice per day
  Overnight stays
$65.00 / Overnight stays in your home
I have a 30% increase in pricing on and around federal holidays.
  Average response time: 75 min.
  Repeat clients: 9
Meow, I am Lucinda!
***Hi, cat parents! My availability is closed mid-November so I can help my parents (and their cats) move cross-country. I WILL be back for the holiday season, which is currently completely open!***

Hi! I'm Lucinda and I LOVE cats. Seriously, sometimes I almost tear up just thinking about how amazing it is that cats exist and how awesome they are. Little crazy? Yes. Do I care? No--because there are few things in the world as perfect as having a happy cat purring away as it cuddles with you!

I'm 32 years old and have had cats around me all my life. I have two cats: Clary, who has been with me for around seven years now, and Emrys, a kitten I adopted in June 2019. My parents also live in the area, and let's be honest: half the reason I go to visit is so that I can see their two cats, especially Beaumont, the Hurricane Harvey rescue I helped my mother adopt last year from a cat shelter!

I understand feline body language well and, while of course I want every cat in the world to immediately adore me, I know that sometimes it takes time and patience. My parents and I tend to attract cats with strong personality quirks, so I know the value of patience! For example, my cat, Clary, is the most loving and cuddly cat I've ever had--but she's also the literal definition of a scaredy-cat and always needs to have an escape route to her safe spaces available. My parents' cat Beaumont was actually adopted and then returned to the shelter before we brought him to his forever home because the other family didn't want to deal with his medical problems (feline herpes) and personality quirks (LOUD nighttime serenades, overstimulation that led to rough needing and bites, etc.). Although I'm happy to report that, while the herpes is for life, the other issues have all but vanished as Beaumont settled into his stable, loving home.

The point of all of that is to say that I love all cats, even the ones that take a little more time and patience than others--and I've discovered that those sorts of cats are often the best of all. <3
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