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Caring, Playful, Engaged

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I have a 30% increase in pricing on and around federal holidays.
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Meow, I am Elizabeth!
Hello, I'm Liz and have had cats for 47 of my 50 years on the planet.

Your cat(s) will have the utmost respect and care from me. I am ruled by cats and the occasional dog. I worked (as an employee, not a volunteer) at a local cat rescue for one and a half years in the adoptions team but my duties extended beyond to feed, give oral medications including topical thyroid medications, and cleaning litter boxes. In addition, time was spent playing with the various cats to gauge their likes and dislikes. They also needed comfort so older cats could have my lap to soothe their worried hearts. Working in a rescue is hard enough, being a cat in one needs special care!

My natural ability to connect with cats helped me determine how a cat or kitten would work in a particular home situation. I understand their nature from the shy kitty who prefers the quite solitude of the sun or high up on a perch to the bold cat that wants to eat your breakfast and attack your toes. They are very special creatures that are often misunderstood but I know how to get "sleepy eyes" even from the most cautious feline.

I have two wonderful cats. One is a 4 year old rescue named Mini who I taught to give a high five for skritches; and the other is a nearly 9 year old named Gordon who has a long tail, I mean tale, that I could discuss with you on how he came to be my boy. His special skill is eating. A lot. But regardless of his enthusiasm for food, he's my Baby Boy.

In addition, I also work in the pet food industry, primarily on the weekends, as a brand rep so I am very knowledgeable about cat nutrition. You are more than welcome to discuss your kitty's nutritional needs with me if you need some advice.
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  • After the 48 hour mark, no refunds or credits can be issued for any cancellations or modifications.
  • Note: All timing will be based on the sitter’s time zone and start date is defined as 12:00am of the first day listed on the reservation.
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