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Harlem's Cat Whisperer

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This Cat sitter in New York, NY offers:

  Complimentary Meet & Greets
  Drop-in visits to your home once or twice per day
$25.00 / 20min visit
$35.00 / 45min visit
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Meow! I am Miya, a Cat sitter in New York, NY

I desperately love cats but due to personal circumstances, I am not able to have my own! Therefore I am super eager to charm, slow blink, pet and entertain someone else's cats! I am a full time professional but take any cat sitting responsibilities very seriously. I understand how separation can lead to anxiety from both cat and owner and am happy to provide updates and reassurances to both parties. My skills include feline trust building and string/snake toy dithering. I'm trying to keep my domain local so as to ensure I can provide the best possible quality of service.

Long version of my story: I've been cat sitting since I was a teen. I started with my neighbor's (indoor/outdoor) cats and I knew I was onto something when they started showing up at my front door looking at me expectantly. My mother was severely allergic to everything so I wasnt able to grow up with a cat or a dog and it made me starved for animal interaction. I volunteered for 4 years at the woodland park zoo in seattle, taking care of a herd of seventeen ponies. The keeper I reported to greatly shaped my views on animal training and welfare. The team helped transition many of the older ponies into a happy retirement. I considered going to college to study zoology but ended up pursuing my other dream of fashion in NYC. Even during an extremely difficult time in my life emotionally, I was drawn to cats. I spent some time as a level 1 volunteer cat coordinator at the NYACC in east harlem. I was finally able to live out my cat mom fantasy in the past few years when I moved in with the owner of a mitted lilac point ragdoll named Lavender. She is a complicated cat to say the least. Prone to fits of crying during her owners extended periods of absence and disgusted by the idea of a reduced calorie diet. There were definite tantrums but there was also moments of genuine contentment. By the end of our three years together, Lav was sleeping with me. I am eternally grateful for our time together.

I am interested in fostering and ultimately adopting, but in the meantime I'm hoping to monetize my love of caring for cats by taking care of YOUR cat(s)! To be honest, being a cat sitter really is a win win situation for me!

PS: I've lived in Harlem for about 6 years now. My day job is on the photography team for Bloomingdales. I work in the corporate office in midtown east.

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