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Rebecca's Kitty Care

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Meow, I am Rebecca!
It all started for me with a Whisper. A kitty named Whisper, who came into my life in 1996. A neighbor in my apartment complex at the time, for some reason, no longer wanted this incredibly sweet and dainty kitty who "whispered" instead of meowing. So I agreed to take her. I was about to graduate from college so I was excited to have a kitty! I grew up with dogs and my sister's cat so I didn't hesitate to give her everything she needed. I soon realized she was preggers and right after my college graduation, she gave birth to 4 healthy kittens. So then I suddenly had 5 cats! I was committed to them their whole lives through thick and thin. I also had another neighbor who could no longer take care of her kitty give him to me, so at that point I had 6 cats! They were all incredible individuals. One of them was diabetic and I had to give him insulin shots and subcutaneous fluids. I have a wonderful relationship with my veterinarian who taught me so much, which helped a great deal with that.

I currently am the proud cat mom of 4 kitties. I also have pet sitting experience with friends and family over the past 20 years as well as being a local music teacher in the Santa Clarita Area. One of my friends refers to me as her "kitty godmother"! I adore cats and certainly appreciate the need to keep cats comfortable in their own normal surroundings when the pet parent has to leave town. I know how I feel when I have to leave town and am grateful for having amazing pet sitter friends who understand and care about cats. I have nest cams set up so I can check in on my own kitties when I'm gone, so I absolutely relate to those of you who do the same. Our Cats are our family. They deserve the best!

Additionally, I also currently work in the Santa Clarita area as a music teacher and have been doing so for the past 25 years. I work with children and adults, and it is always an added bonus when my client's kitties and doggies love to hang out with me during their lessons.
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