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Startup techie cat sitter

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This cat sitter offers:
  Complimentary Meet & Greets
  Drop-in visits to your home
$28.00 / Drop-in once per day
$48.00 / Drop-in twice per day
  Overnight stays
$50.00 / Overnight stays in your home
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Meow, I am Mirza!
There is nothing worse than coming back home to pets that have separation anxiety. My dog growing up was like this, and my current cat is like this (though, since this is happening to all my pets, maybe I'm just such a good owner and they always miss me). It really sucks because obviously our little pets can't come with us everywhere, and we can't always be with them. I'm here to help solve this crisis!

I'm currently working on founding a startup and I spend a lot of time on my computer working remotely to make this happen. My startup isn't anywhere near to making money so I'm hoping I can stay afloat by taking care of others pets while I continue to work. Obviously for short visits, I don't mind exclusively spending time with the kitties, but if you have a cat that really just needs long-term company, contact me and I'm sure we can work out something. Especially if you have good computer working area and good wifi, I can stick around long-term for reasonable rates. Honestly, my biggest concern is if your cat is too cute that it kills my productivity (mine already does that).

I know how to deal with cats. I have a knack for making friends with shy animals, mostly because I understand how to give them space and time to get used to me. I am very patient with animals and I put a lot of effort reading into what they want from me and what they don't want (every cat is so different!). I've spent a lot of time making my own living space very cat friendly. I live in a tiny house and so it's resulted in some unique challenges. Lacie (my tiny tabby) loves our tiny house, especially since we custom built her own cat tower platform on the wall (to save space).

TLDR: Basically, I will love on your kitties while I work on my startup. I will go above and beyond to make sure they are happy because I simply can't stop myself from trying to make a pets life better (i'm their sucker).
Cancellation Policy
  • A 100% credit will be issued via your Wallet if a confirmed reservation is canceled or modified anytime up to 48 hours prior to the start date of the reservation.
  • After the 48 hour mark, no refunds or credits can be issued for any cancellations or modifications.
  • Note: All timing will be based on the sitter's time zone and start date is defined as 12:00am of the first day listed on the reservation.
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