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Tim's Seattle Kitty Care

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This Cat sitter in Seattle, WA offers:

  Complimentary Meet & Greets
  Drop-in visits to your home once or twice per day
$25.00 / 20min visit
$35.00 / 45min visit
$49.00 / 90min visit
  Overnight stays
$60.00 / Overnight stays in your home
Tim has a 20% increase in pricing on and around federal holidays.
 Average response time: min.
 Repeat clients: 0

Meow! I am Tim, a Cat sitter in Seattle, WA

I was raised by a cat. There's a home movie of me as a baby in a box full of kittens and Sindy our mom cat. I keep lifting the kittens out of the box and Sindy keeps hauling them back in. Each time she returns with a kidden she tries to lick me to sleep, so I'll stop.

When I was 10, our next mom cat, Taffy, brought all her kittens in under my sheets to sleep with me every night. Warm, but tough to sleep.

I understand much of what cats try to communicate, and I communicate back, sorta.

I give shots, pills, petting, games, calm, nail clips, brushes, catnip, rides, walks, a lap, attention, food, cleanups... and I enjoy most all of it. I know when it's time to go to the vet. Cats don't get out of the house unless they're supposed to. It doesn't probably hurt that I'm a therapist, minister, teen specialist, group facilitator, masseur, healer, and a mensch. I also clean homes, house-sit, dog-sit, chicken-sit, bunny-sit, and fix things for fun and occasional profit.

In other words, I'm a writer :-)

I have a flexible schedule. I'm being quite careful about covid because of my pod peoples' vulnerabilities.

I live near Greenlake, but love to drive.

Cancellation Policy

  • A 100% credit will be issued to your customer Wallet if a confirmed reservation is canceled or modified anytime up to 48 hours prior to the start date of the reservation and the sitter's earnings will be canceled.
  • After the 48 hour mark, no refunds or credits can be issued to the customer for any cancellations or modifications and the sitter will still receive their full earnings.
  • Note: All timing will be based on the sitter's time zone and start date is defined as 12:00am of the first day listed on the reservation.


  I have a car

Cat Sitter's Qualifications

Cat Sitter's Medication Experience

  Topical Ointments/Flea Preventatives
  Oral Medication/Pills
  Insulin Injections/Diabetic Management
  Subcutaneous Fluids

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Travels up to 9 miles