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You can only refer Meowtel customers to other Meowtel cat sitters. Our customers choose Meowtel for the trust & safety that our community offers. Breaking that trust does not support the Meowtel mission of helping every cat and cat parent live their best life.

The top Meowtel sitters take the time to introduce themselves to other nearby sitters in the event that they're unavailable and want a reliable backup for their own clients. This is a great practice that can help build your business quickly because what goes around comes around - those sitters you just met will be happy to refer their clients to you!

Regardless of whether there are other sitters in your area or not, referring customers to random friends, Instagram accounts, or competitive websites will result in the immediate deactivation of your sitter account.

In case a client asks for sitters recommendations, here's how to handle the situation:

Purrfect Sitter Responses:

  1. I'm sorry! I just became fully booked for those dates. It looks like Rebecca is available and she is great! Here is her profile:
  2. I'm sorry! I just became fully booked for those dates. I've used Maria and Tom as cat sitters when I'm out of town and they're both amazing. If you search in my zip code (11221), you'll see their profiles.
  3. I'm sorry! I just became fully booked for those dates. Please reach out to Meowtel for assistance with finding another sitter.

Not-So-Purrfect Sitter Responses:

  1. I'm sorry! I just became fully booked. Go check out my friend @catluvr546394 on Instagram! She sits for me.
  2. I'm sorry! I just became fully booked. I think can help you though.
  3. I'm sorry! I just became fully booked. My friend Tina is really good with cats. Her email is [email protected].


If you know a friend (or a few friends) who you think would make purrfect Meowtel sitters, you can invite them to submit their listing with us.

You'll earn a $50 bonus which will be deposited into your Meowtel Payouts & Earnings screen whenever one of your referred friends successfully completes their first Meowtel reservation as a sitter with a client who is not the original referrer.

Simply advise your referred friend to share your name on their Sitter Activation Call and your referral will be activated.

Meowtel offers a variety of resources for new sitters, including online guides, webinars, marketing materials, and access to our sitter store. Additionally, we provide digital marketing support and a community that offers assistance 365 days a year to help you learn best practices for cat care and client communication.

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