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Find a Trusted Cat Sitter in Oakland, CA

Oakland, California, known for its captivating blend of art, science, and history, offers a wonderful urban experience in the heart of the Bay Area. From iconic landmarks like Jack London Square to culturally rich neighborhoods like Berkeley and Lake Merritt, the city is a center for innovation.

Its diverse neighborhoods are home to many pet owners, and there are a lot of pet-friendly parks, rescue shelters, and a wide variety of restaurants and venues that warmly embrace both cats and dogs. Cat lovers will all agree: Oakland is a wonderful place to call home.

Oakland, CA Cat Cafés

Cat Town's Rawr Coffee Bar

Oakland's popular Cat Town shelter is home to RAWR coffee bar, the nation's very first cat café. Inside, pet lovers can enjoy a range of drinks and snacks. During your visit, you can meet cats that are up for adoption, but if you're just scheduling a time to drop in and get some cuddles, a $12 donation is requested.

KitTea Cat Lounge

Across the bay in San Francisco, KitTea is the City's only cat café. They host fun events like cat yoga and illustration events, drawing in cat lovers from across the Bay Area.

Local Rescues and Shelters

East Bay SPCA

East Bay SPCA has been deeply committed to enhancing the well-being of animals throughout the Bay Area since 1874. They prioritize animal welfare and education, providing a diverse array of services including adoption initiatives, spaying and neutering efforts, community engagement, and advocacy. Their mission is to create a more compassionate and caring environment for pets requiring assistance.

Oakland Animal Services

Oakland Animal Services is the city's municipal animal shelter and is dedicated to the welfare of animals in Oakland, California. They provide crucial services, including animal adoption, sheltering, and animal control, ensuring the well-being of animals and helping them find loving homes within the community.

Hopalong Animal Rescue

Hopalong Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization in Oakland that specializes in rescuing and rehoming dogs and cats. They play an important role in the community and are dedicated to helping pets find permanent homes.

Places to Eat with Your Cat

NIDO'S Backyard

Human guests and their furry friends can enjoy the spacious backyard ambiance at NIDO'S Backyard. Renowned for its Mexican cuisine, agave spirits, and cocktails, this is the kind of place where you can make a memorable dining experience without leaving your cat at home.

Grand Lake Kitchen

Grand Lake Kitchen boasts two Oakland locations, one in the Dimond District and another near Lake Merritt, and both are equally inclusive of their guests bringing pets to dine outdoors. After indulging in your alfresco meal, you and your furry friend can visit the nearby Joaquin Miller Park and explore the grounds on-leash.

Drake's Dealership

Situated on an old Dodge Dealership, Drake's transformed into a thriving destination. From its sprawling open-air beer garden, Adirondack chairs, and savory treats, it's the kind of place you and your pet can relax after a long day.

Pet-Friendly Parks and Nature Trails

West Ridge and French Trail Loop

First time getting outside with your pet? The West Ridge and French Trail Loop in Oakland, California, provides scenic views and a well-marked path for pet owners and their furry friends.

Dunn Trail

The Dunn Trail, located in the East Bay Regional Park District, is a pet-friendly hiking option for those seeking a peaceful nature escape. Enjoy lush landscapes and explore the beauty of the outdoors with your four-legged companions.

Palos Colorados Trail

The Palos Colorados Trail in Joaquin Miller Park offers a pleasant and pet-friendly hiking experience near Oakland. The trail is serene and the perfect spot for a leisurely walk through the picturesque park.

Cat-Friendly Hotels & Rentals

Waterfront Hotel

The pet-friendly Waterfront Hotel in Oakland, California offers a scenic bayfront setting where guests can enjoy the company of their pets while taking in stunning views of the waterfront. This stylish and comfortable hotel allows you to bring two pets at a maximum weight of 75 pounds and provides a range of pet amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

Moxy Oakland Downtown

The Moxy Oakland Downtown offers a trendy, lively atmosphere in a great, pet-friendly location. Bring your pet to Oakland for your trip, but be prepared to pay an additional $50 per night. The hotel offers pet amenities, and it is a fun place for humans and furbabies to visit.

Please note that hotel pet policies are subject to change, and this is not an extensive list of cat-friendly options in Oakland, CA.

in the vibrant city of Oakland, CA. Our experienced pet sitters undergo thorough background checks, so you can have peace of mind and travel with confidence. When you need a reliable in-home cat sitter for your beloved kitties, Meowtel is your trusted choice. to help you with pet care today.

Our Purrfect Hospitality Promise : 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first Meowtel reservation

Oakland Cat Sitter FAQs

Cat sitter costs vary depending on the level of care and number of days needed. Cats that require extra care, such as injections or medications, may be at a higher rate. The average visit rate for a cat sitter in Oakland, CA as of July 2024 is $44.50. Some cat sitters on Meowtel offer discounts for specific visits and new clients. Generally, you should budget between $20-$40 per day for cat care.

At Meowtel, we provide in-home cat sitting. All pet sitters are thoroughly vetted and have undergone a background check. Plus you can read reviews from other cat parents. offer 20 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute drop-in visits as well as overnight stays in your home. Choose flexible visitation schedules, such as daily or alternating days, and have peace of mind knowing that your pet is in great care.

To , cat parents can start the search by entering their zip code and the dates when cat care is needed. Select a cat sitter, then book and pay via Meowtel. Every reservation includes a free consultation, so you can meet your cat sitter and introduce your fur baby.

Each : feeding, refreshing the water bowls, litter box scooping, tidying up, medications (if applicable), updates with photos, lots of playtime, as well as any special requests. Many Meowtel cat sitters have also been known to provide snuggles, cuddles, and even putting on cat TV! We know everyone's pets are different. That's why we offer tailored services in your own home environment to spare your cat the discomfort of being somewhere new. Plus, you'll be able to schedule a Meet & Greet with your pet sitter to ensure it will be a purrfect fit. Meowtel cat sitters offer this for free and it's a great way for your kitty to meet their new best friend.

While cats often prefer familiar spaces, they still need the care of a pet sitter while their humans are out of town. Some cats may be shy around new people who aren't family members, but pet owners can rest easy knowing that a trustworthy cat sitting service is there to provide care and cuddles in their absence.

Meowtel's reliable cat sitters can drop by for a short period of time with your cat or stay overnight to house sit all night. Visits are tailored to meet your pet's specific requirements, but there's no right or wrong amount of time. Longer visits not only address a pet's basic needs, but also allow for additional services, like home upkeep and administering medication, while shorter visits are ideal if you're just worried about the cat's food and water supply.

While cats may be lower maintenance than dogs, cat sitters play an important role in ensuring their well-being. Our trusted caregivers are responsible for tasks such as feeding, replenishing water, and maintaining the litter box. In addition to these basics, they offer companionship, playtime, grooming, health monitoring, and accommodate unique pet needs to provide loving care and reduce anxiety for both you and your pet.

Oakland, with its numerous parks, paths, and pet-friendly venues, offers a diverse and vibrant experience for cat owners. The city's commitment to art, culture, and innovation, along with its breathtaking views and iconic landmarks, makes it an ideal place for both humans and their feline friends.

Meowtel ensures the quality of its cat sitters by conducting thorough vetting and background checks. Our sitters are experienced and reviewed by other cat parents, ensuring your pet receives the best possible care. We also offer a free consultation for you to meet your sitter and ensure they're the right fit for your cat.

When choosing a cat sitter, consider the sitter's experience, reviews from other cat owners, and the specific services they offer, such as the duration of visits, playtime, and any special care your cat might need. Meowtel's free Meet & Greet session is an excellent opportunity to discuss these details and ensure a good match.

Talk with your pet sitter about their overnight fee. Most cat sitters will have their various rates listed on their Meowtel profile.