What's Included in a Cat Sitting Visit? The Complete Guide for Cat Parents

What's Included in a Cat Sitting Visit? The Complete Guide for Cat Parents

Choosing the right cat sitter who you can fully trust is a big decision for any cat parent! At Meowtel, your cat isn't just a pet or an afterthought. Cats are our only thought and we strive to offer a tailored experience that can meet any kitty's needs, no matter how shy, how small, or how senior they may be!

Our cat sitters offer 20 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute drop-in visits as well as overnight stays. We only offer in-home cat sitting (in your home) as kitties can easily become stressed when relocated to new households, especially if there are other frisky felines or a dog friend around. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through what's included in each cat sitting visit that's offered on Meowtel so you know exactly what to expect.


Meowtel sitters are well tuned into how particular kitties can be about their food preferences. Our sitters know to follow your specific feeding instructions and no ask is too audacious, whether that be adding a bit of water after a precise 35-second microwave session or serving up dinner at a very specific time! Whether it's wet food, dry food, or a special diet, we've got it covered. Sitters also take into consideration any allergies or dietary restrictions, especially when it's a multi-cat households and kitties may need to be separated during feeding time or use microchip feeders. Always communicate any special diets and routines around feeding to your Meowtel sitter.

Hear it from our cat parents: "She was attentive and very communicative in the process - lots of pics! She even went out of her way to pick up dry food when the supplies ran low while I was away." -Alston/Mable.


Fresh water is essential for your cat's health, and cats can quickly become dehydrated if they're not taking in enough liquids via their wet food or water bowls. Our sitters make sure that your cat's water bowl is clean and filled with fresh water during every visit. Meowtel operates coast to coast, so we know the importance of hydration during different seasons and in different climates. We're big fans of water fountains or for those sneaky kitties who love to drink from the sink, our sitters have been known to let them indulge in a sink drink during their visits.

Litter Box Scooping

Here we go, the topic we all don't enjoy talking about. But scooping poop and pee pee clumps, even if they're the size of a brick (shoutout to our kidney-sensitive feline friends!) is one of the most important tasks a Meowtel cat sitter will undertake during their visit. Part of the litter box assessment is keeping an eye out for any concerning signs, such as blood, diarrhea, pooping outside the box, or urine accidents. Your cat sitter will report any issues to keep you in the loop and cross-check that their observations are normal. If not, we'll form an emergency plan!

Hear it from our cat parents: "I felt 100% comfortable with Rose looking after my babies. She communicated clearly, took cute pictures every visit, kept water bowls and litter boxes clean, gave medicines as instructed, and adjusted AC vs. cracked windows as necessary to keep them comfortable with the changing temperatures & air quality. Rose is fantastic." -Leslie/Rose.

Tidying Up

Every Meowtel cat sitter is rated on a scale of 1-5 for their level of tidiness while you're away. At Meowtel, we very much value the joy of coming home to a clean home and our sitters have been known to go above and beyond with vacuuming, sweeping, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and any other special request you may have so that you don't come home to a litter implosion and hairball city.

Hear it from our cat parents: "I loved that when I got home there was no trace left behind other than my kitties being well fed and a clean litter box." -Emily/Amanda.

Medication (if needed):

Many of our sitters have extensive experience as vet assistants, rescue/shelter volunteers, and fostering. As a result, many of them are also very well-versed in administering pills, fluids, inhalers, liquids, and drops! With that, we know that some cats are easier than others to administer medications to. We recommend to always have a backup plan if your kitty's behavior changes in the presence of a new human providing the medication. Prep the pill pockets, another Meowtel sitter, or a friend/family member just in case, since many medications are critical for managing chronic feline conditions

Adorable Updates With Photos

We all miss our kitties like crazy when we're away (shoot, we even miss our kitties when we're at the office)! Our sitters are quasi-professional cat paparazzi and you're likely to receive lots of cute photos of how the cats are doing as you drink your Aperol Spritz on the Amalfi Coast. The Meowtel mobile app allows you to seamlessly communicate with your sitter, no matter where in the world you may be.

Playtime, Cuddles, and Companionship

This is hands down the best part of any cat sitting job. Our sitters are experts at the feather wand, spring toy tossing, laser pointing, and doling out the catnip. They provide couch snuggles, full-body feline massages, and brushing. Lap kitties tend to be a fan favorite amongst the Meowtel sitter community, as those soothing purrs can reduce any level of anxiety in an instant. We will treat your kitties like our very own, and we can't wait to meet them.

Hear it from our cat parents: "Our older cat is shy and can be cranky with new people, but Amy brought catnip for our cat and made sure she got lots of playtime and enrichment (and we got an adorable video of our cat rolling around in catnip!)." -Carissa/Amy.

Special Requests & House Chores

Meowtel cat sitters will happily bring in the mail and water plants, which we tend to call light house duties. If you have a request outside of this category, feel free to chat with your sitter on Meowtel to see if they can accommodate.

At Meowtel, we live for cats. We dream about cats. We speak cat. Serving the thousands of kitty clients we have brings us so much joy and the tailored care that each sitter offers is what sets us apart. We can't wait to meet your kitties and if you have any additional questions about our services, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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