National Music Month: Songs That Are Inspired by Cats

National Music Month: Songs That Are Inspired by Cats

National Music Month: Songs That Are Inspired by Cats

Since the dawn of time, humans have adored and glorified cats much like gods (which is, honestly, as it should be). Our fascination with these furry creatures has inspired countless works of art throughout history, from paintings to popular movies, like Disney's "The Aristocats," and of course… music! It comes as no surprise that numerous musicians found inspiration in their feline buddies, from classical music virtuosos to viral-content creators.

We compiled nine of the most meow-velous songs inspired by cats in celebration of National Music Month. If you enjoyed our previous list of cat-inspired songs, then you'll meow-dore this one! Grab your furball(s) and a cup of tea, and groove to the tune of cat-loving meow-sic! Here are our top picks, in no particular order:

"The Love Cats" by The Cure

This song is one of many by the popular English rock band that features cats in the title. Though not officially confirmed, The Cure fans often claim that "The Love Cats" was inspired by Australian author Patrick White's novel "The Vivisector." A parallel is drawn in the book between the awful treatment cats often receive despite their pure and vulnerable nature and how people discard others in the same way. Allegedly, the band's singer and songwriter, Robert Smith, was inspired by the symbolism in the story. Then again, it might just be a cute song about two lovers wandering the streets like a couple of stray cats.

"Delilah" by Queen

Freddie Mercury, frontman of the iconic British rock band, wrote and dedicated this song to his beloved purrbaby, Delilah. The song appears on Queen's 14th studio album "Innuendo," which features multiple odes to the lead singer's cats. The flamboyant rockstar often expressed his love and adoration for his tribe of feline furballs. He loved them so much that he would even talk to his cats on the phone while on tour. (Definitely something you can relate to when leaving your furbaby at home with your Meowtel sitter, right?) Mercury loved his feline soulmates so much that toward the end of his life, he famously said, "I'm leaving it all to Mary and the cats." Again, a very relatable sentiment.

"Stray Cat Strut" by the Stray Cats

There is a clear theme in "Stray Cat Strut" by the Stray Cats. In this '80s rockabilly hit, the singer sees himself as a stray cat: an outcast who spends his days roaming the streets, looking for fights and getting shooed away by older people. The popular American rock band admires cats' wild and feisty nature. Lead singer Brain Setzer explains how the band's name was inspired by a cat sticker on his guitar and the cartoon "Top Cat."

"Year Of The Cat" by Al Stewart

This late '70s folk-rock song by musician Al Stewart is purrfect for a relaxing moment on a sunny Sunday morning with your fluffball. The song is not about actual cats but rather a romantic encounter with a beautiful woman. However, the title symbolizes what the cat represents in the Vietnamese and Gurung zodiac: elegance, seduction, peacefulness, and enigma.

"Cat Scratch Fever" by Ted Nugent

The title of this late-'70s rock song refers to cat-scratch disease (CSD), also known as felinosis. This infection is transmitted through scratches or bites from a cat carrying the bacteria. Yes, the song is full of innuendos, but we will keep it wholesome and rock along while pretending that it promotes feline health and advocates for regular veterinary check-ups.

"Smelly Cat" by Phoebe Buffay and The Hairballs

Who can forget about this running joke from the popular sitcom "Friends"? "Smelly Cat" is the perfect song to accompany Fluffy's grooming session, but be warned: it can get stuck in your head for hours! Performed various times by Phoebe Buffay, the song talks about a neglected stinky cat and metaphorically represents the iconic hippie character. "Smelly Cat" was even made into a popular hit at one point in the "Friends" universe, with a studio release and a music video.

“Nyan Cat” by Christopher Torres

Love it or hate it, the "Nyan Cat" song is a viral internet video of the early 2010s. Created by Christopher Torres, the video features animated pixel art with a Japanese pop song as the background music. While the lyrics aren't groundbreaking by any means, the animated Pop-Tart-shaped kitty flying through space is simply meow-dorable. The "Nyan Cat" song has gained around 200 million YouTube views since it was first posted.

"Macavity" by Taylor Swift in the film version of "Cats"

Arguably one of the least praised films of 2019, to put it nicely, "Cats" is naturally full of cat-themed musical numbers. "Macavity," performed by Taylor Swift, is about a devious and sly mystery cat, played by Idris Elba, who can get away with myriad crimes. Granted, the visual effects in the movie are disturbing, but let us appreciate Taylor Swift's (a self-proclaimed cat lady) playful and fierce performance.

"Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats" from the stage version of "Cats"

For all of you out there who prefer the classic '80s Broadway show, this one is for you! "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats" is the first production number in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, where we are introduced to a tribe of cats called the Jellicles. Feel free to grab your squishy fluffball and dance around the house. No one will blame you, except maybe for Fluffy as he wiggles out of your arms and runs away to safety.

Here at Meowtel, we are dedicated to helping every cat and cat parent live their best life. We hope you and your fluffball(s) enjoyed our top picks of cat-inspired music! You can check out these songs and more on our Spotify playlist.

Image by Eduard Egorov via Pixabay

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