All About The American Shorthair

All About The American Shorthair

When describing the American Shorthair, the expression happy medium springs to mind. These American cats are medium in size. They’re neither too big nor small, nor hyperactive. They can become very devoted to their favorite humans.

Don’t mix up the American Shorthair cat with the domestic shorthair. The domestic shorthair is a generic term for short-coated cats, while the former connotes a specific breed.


The American Shorthair is perceived to be the shorthaired cat that is native to the United States. This breed was bred out of various cats that apparently originated in Europe. The cats fitting the description of the American Shorthair were seemingly not native to the United States until the time of Columbus. The first recorded breeding took place around 1904. During this period, the American Shorthair cat was a working cat that was used to keep the rodents population under check. Since this cat was intended to work, it was bred to be healthy, hardy and strong.


The American Short-hair is known as a hardy and healthy. The most striking and best-known color is the silver tabby; more than one- third of all American Shorthairs exhibit this color. With the black markings set against the brilliant silver background, the pattern is dynamic and memorable. Also, they’re thick and muscular. This breed is less square in shape and larger than its British counterpart. It also has a round head rather than oblong, larger ears and longer legs. This is a low-maintenance breed that only requires occasional brushing to keep its coat fresh and manage mild shedding. The tail has tapers and a thick base toward the end. Its length is normally proportionate to body size. Furthermore, the coat is short and straight, coming in a bevy of colors such as blue, white, black, cream, red, silver, gold, brown and cameo, to name a few. This breed has diverse acceptable coat pattern styles, such as tortoiseshell, solid, and calico.


The American Shorthair is a delightful companion cat ideally suited to a large variety of households. These cats are perfect for a first-time cat owner because of their docile nature and easy-to-maintain lifestyle. Breeders note that the American Short-hair is the ideal breed for any person who enjoys a cat being on your lap rather than your face. Also, this breed of cats is easy going and placid. Another unique feature of American Shorthairs is their adaptable personalities and quiet voices which they’re known for. Furthermore, they’re easily trained, friendly, and adapt well to other animals. The American Shorthair is a loving cat that will attach herself to all members of the family. The best games to play with an American Shorthair cat are those which utilize and enhance the chase and hunting reflexes.


The American Shorthair cat is a superb example of present-day evolution since they first came to America as working cats. American Shorthair cats are, beautiful to look at, unquestioning loving companions to humans and independent sentient creatures in their right.

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