All About Bengal Cats

All About Bengal Cats

If you always had a thing for wild and dangerous cats and well, perhaps you’ve always been scared of getting one, I’ve got some good news for you. When you think of an exceptional blend of character of say “Wild and dangerous” with “Civilization” then no other cat breed comes to mind other than the Bengal cat breed.

Never heard of the Bengal cat breed before? You’re in luck because I’m just about letting you in on some brief history. The Bengal cats are hybrids gotten from the crossing of Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat.

You’re probably thinking, why would anyone want to create such a breed, right? Well as it turns out, the first Bengal breed ever made was produced most notably by Jean Sugden Mill around the 1970s and 80s and the whole objective was to harness the beauty and exquisiteness that wild cats possess yet maintaining the temperament of any domestic cat you’d see around. As a result of careful breeding and advanced leaps in genetics over the past few years, it’s safe to say that the goal has already been achieved and it’s been an enormous success. That said; let’s take a look at some of the features that make a Bengal cat a Bengal cat.


The first thing people find interesting about Bengal cats is their wonderful and radiant coats. It’s not only a thing of beauty to look at for hours, but you’d find the coats also very soft and sleek. Shine a light on them, and you’d be mesmerized by the way it glitters as the light permeates every hair shaft.

Bengals are popularly known to have two basic fur patterns. They’ve got the commonly observed spotted pattern and the swirly marble pattern, often of which are usually tri-colored forming wonderful unique shades.

Colors can be Brown, Snow, Blue, and Silver. Although new colors such as chocolate, charcoal, and cinnamon have also been spotted. It’s worthy to note that all of this exquisiteness of the Bengal cat breed not only makes it strikingly beautiful but also wildly charming.

The head of any Bengal breed cat is quite small when in comparison to its body. Small ears are also characteristic of this breed. The eye color can range from deep copper-gold to minty green also, ice blue to a brilliant yellow largely depending on its breed from the original ancestry.

Apart from its unique coat, another distinguishing feature of this breed that sets it apart is its muscular body. Bengals cats are not just athletic and muscular, but they are slim, strong, and agile cats. Their back legs are usually slightly longer than the front ones. Whiskers are typically white, long-tailed and they possess a large body.


  • As for any pet, cats are always special. This breed, however, is an exotic one, which is a unique blend of a wild cat and a domestic one. What that gives you is a harness of the beauty typical of wild cats together with the elegance and disposition of a domestic cat.

  • This is a cat breed that loves to be part of the family at home. Bengal cats love to interact and play. They possess high energy and drive and are sure to keep you amused all day long.

  • Another outstanding characteristic of what makes them special is the fact that they’re very affectionate and it’s not uncommon for them to form a type of bond or loyalty to a single family member.


I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t love to own a Bengal cat, aren’t they adorable?

It’s a good thing to note that Bengal cats can often be quite naughty and a handful. They’re not recommended for inexperienced or nervous cat owners; however, if you’re up for the task and feel like you can take care of a Bengal cat breed, and then sure, knock yourself out.

In Conclusion

Bengals cats were developed to have an exotic look but without the size and dangers of a wildcat. You do not want a Bengal if what you’re looking for is a gentle lap cat or a living sculpture which you’d shower little to no attention.

Bengal cats are intelligent, active and always on the move. They’re also very fond of water too. So, what’re you waiting for? You should have your mind made up by now if you finally decide to get one.

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