How Meowtel Helped Me Build Savings While Playing with Cats

How Meowtel Helped Me Build Savings While Playing with Cats

Even with two degrees, finances have never been my strong suit. My problems were being bad at math and long-term budgeting. I had a full-time job, and after making student loan payments, buying groceries, paying rent, and making frivolous millennial purchases, I felt really proud of myself for deciding to put $100 leftover from my paycheck each month into savings. Unfortunately, the $300 I stashed away in savings meant nothing when on Easter weekend 2018, I drove my car too close to a concrete post in my parking garage and did $1000 worth of damages. Two weeks after getting that fixed, my car battery died, and then not soon after, I went into the hospital unexpectedly.

For the next few months, I leaned on two credit cards and spent all of my (little) savings. Luckily, a few weeks before I drove my car into the post, a flyer for Meowtel caught my eye. Work had been relatively slow, I have two cats of my own, and I had enjoyed volunteering at animal shelters at different points in my life. So, I looked up the website listed on the flyer and decided to apply. Now, an entire year later, my savings holds ten times what they held when I wrecked my car. Two thirds of that savings exist thanks to Meowtel.

As much as I love cats, this side gig hasn’t always been easy. A lot of my sitting money came from working during the holidays. Oftentimes, I was all over the place and taking care of multiple cats. But of all the ways to put money back into my account, cuddling with kittens is absolutely not the worst! Plus, during those periods of hard work, I met amazing clients who love their furbabies just as much as I love mine and made some sweet cat friends along the way.

Meowtel also taught me a lot about money. Before my month of intense expenses, I plodded along without savings hoping nothing would ever cause a need for one, but keeping track of my cat clients has taught me more about keeping up with finances as well. While it is fun watching the interest grow each month on my Meowtel money, I am also more confident and secure in other general areas of my life knowing that worst case scenario, I now have savings to fall back on. That credit card debt I racked up from that financially disastrous month? Gone. All because I saw a flyer downtown one day, have harbored a life-long love of cats, and decided I could take a few hours out of my day here and there to help other cat lovers as well.

Do you love cats as much as this sitter does? If you think you have what it takes to become a part of our Meowtel sitter squad, submit your sitter listing today!

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

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