Cozy Kitty Date Night Ideas

Cozy Kitty Date Night Ideas

If you’re planning to stay home this Valentine’s Day, you’re in for a cozy night! We have some ideas to help you mix up your routine for an extra cuddly evening with your Kitten-tine.

Idea 1: Cuddle up and watch your favorite rom-com

This may seem obvious, but setting aside a designated movie time on the couch can help you ensure that you’re getting your fill of kitty snuggles. Grab your beverage of choice and your cat’s favorite treats, and don’t forget a soft blanket! If your kitty is highly active and doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long, try setting them up with a cat-focused video of their own on your phone or tablet.

Idea 2: Cook a special meal

Though there are many human foods to avoid giving your kitty, there are some foods that are safe to cook up for your kitty as a treat. If you’re planning to throw on your apron and make yourself a nice meal, you can include components that are safe to share with your cat to help them get involved in the kitchen. Just be sure to do your research and double check with your vet before feeding your kitty anything you aren’t sure about.

Idea 3: Gather some supplies and make a DIY cat toy

Cats often gravitate toward the most unexpected objects with which to entertain themselves. If you’re sick of finding your favorite hair tie hidden away under furniture, this may be a good time to distract your kitty with something new and shiny. If you don’t want to invest in a set of new toys, the good news is that you probably already have some simple objects at home that your cat will love. Here are some DIY ideas that use objects that you likely already have lying around the house. If you have the time and money to get fancy with it, you can test your building skills with something like this DIY cat tree. Just remember to avoid using these hazardous household objects and always supervise your kitty during playtime.

Idea 4: Throw on some cat-inspired music

If your idea of a purrfect night in involves listening to your favorite music, check out these cat-inspired songs, and get ready for a dance party! Your kitty likely is not a professional dancer, but the energy of the music may encourage them to get active and play.

Idea 5: Get creative

Feeling creative? Harness that energy to make some special kitty art. Grab your pens and paints to make a beautiful portrait of your feline friend. Write a cat-inspired song of your own to serenade your cat. Knit a hat for your kitten. Write a poem about your cat’s most purrfect features, or try to put yourself in their mind and write a short story from their perspective. Wherever your artistic talent lies, there’s always room for more kitty creations!


However you decide to spoil your Kitten-tine, we hope you have a cat-tastic celebration of love. If your Valentine’s Day plans involve getting out of the house, you can book the purrfect sitter here so that your kitty can still have their playtime and snuggles while you’re away!

Photo by Nils on Unsplash

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