7 Awesome Hacks All Cat Parents Need To Know

7 Awesome Hacks All Cat Parents Need To Know

We all adore spending time with our feline friends and spoiling them rotten. However, a few cat-parenting responsibilities – such as dealing with litter tracking or coping with carpet stains – definitely do not make us want to purr. Fur-tunately, some simple tricks can make these tasks easier and quicker.

Here are seven paw-esome hacks for cat parents:

1. Stop Litter Scatter in its Tracks

Ah, the pitter-patter of kitty feet is music to every cat parent’s ears. But when those precious paws spread litter, the tune goes a little off-key. Consider this DIY project that repurposes unused kitchen equipment: Line the top of a baking sheet with self-adhesive paper (sticky side down) and place a baking rack on top of the paper. Instead of being used to cool down cupcakes, the rack will now serve as a litter catcher! From time to time, remove the rack, tip the litter out of the sheet, and wipe the paper clean or replace it as needed.

7 Awesome Hacks All Cat Parents Need To Know

7 Awesome Hacks All Cat Parents Need To Know

7 Awesome Hacks All Cat Parents Need To Know

2. Coax Kitty into Their Carrier

Does your beloved best friend avoid their carrier like the plague? Why not turn to an herbal remedy of sorts? Try sprinkling freshly crushed catnip on the blanket or towel in the carrier before attempting to place them inside. A surprising fifty percent of cats have no response to catnip, but if yours is crazy for the stuff, what better way to put your kitty’s yen for this herb to practical use. Bonus: If your kitty eats these mint-family flakes (rather than simply taking a whiff of them), the herb will have a calming effect, which will definitely come in handy for that vet visit.

3. Put the Kibosh on Cord Nibbling

Many kittens and even some full-grown cats inexplicably adore chewing on power cords and extension cords, which are perilous places for sharp little teeth to sink into. You can buy rubber or plastic “runners” to cover them, but installing them on every cord isn’t always practical or possible. To curb this activity, cut open an orange, lemon, or lime, and rub it along the length of the cord (away from the metal plug, of course). Most cats are averse to the scent of citrus and will soon find better ways to occupy their choppers than chowing down on current-carrying cords.

4. Source a Surprising Spot Cleaner

It’s important to consider the cleaning substances you use on the carpet that your sweet kitty’s paws walk across many times a day. Saying no to chemical-heavy carpet treatments is a smart choice. However, plain water just doesn’t do the trick when cleaning up upchuck. Look no further than your bathroom cabinet for the solution: Once you’ve removed the bulk of the furball-induced accident, hit the spot with a dollop of shaving cream. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then lift the foam off with a plastic spoon. Finally, dab the area with a wet cloth and vacuum as usual.

5. Keep Kitty Chow Crunchy

Plastic bins are perfect for storing kibble, especially in large quantities. Unfortunately, in the humid summer months, even these containers allow moisture that can cause cat food to become stale or even rancid. Yuck! A simple fix? Save the silica packet from your next box of brand-new sneakers and tape it to the underside of the lid of the container – the packet will absorb moisture that would otherwise be absorbed by the food, ensuring the kibble stays fresher longer. Ensure the packet has no holes or tears before attaching it to the underside of the bin lid.

7 Awesome Hacks All Cat Parents Need To Know

6. Go for Gentler Grooming Gear

Does your kitty dislike being brushed or combed? Purrhaps it’s your choice of grooming tools, not the grooming itself, that Fluffy isn’t a fan of. While metal tools are best for grooming longhaired cats, some shorthaired kitties do not like implements with metal tines because they are very hard (and very cold). Instead, try a rubber brush with long bristles that act as fingers – these “appendages” get through the coat to remove lots of loose hairs and offer a pleasing massaging action. Another option is a “glove” brush, which is just what it sounds like – a glove that you wear on your dominant hand so that your kitty gets groomed while being petted. Now that’s a terrific “twofer”!

7. Swap Your Scratcher, Stat!

Does your sweet kitty go to town tearing up your furniture? If your couch was clobbered by kitty claws or your recliner ruined by hyperactive paws, consider what may have inspired your furbaby to think these surfaces are fair game. If you have provided them with a carpet-covered scratching post, then it only makes sense that they believe everything upholstered is just waiting to be gleefully shredded. Switching to a sisal-covered scratching post may help retrain Tiger to scratch the scratcher rather than your costly furnishings.

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