Anatomy of a Text Update

Anatomy of a Text Update

Let’s face it, for better or worse, we spend a lot of time on our phones. It may be for work, beating your top score on Candy Crush, or texting everyone from mom, your neighbor Thelma, or your client in regards to Fluffy. But have you ever wondered if you're texting the standard visit information your client needs to know? The best way to construct a text to your client is to act as though you were texting yourself updates about your cat. What do you want to know? If you’re not sure, fear not; we have a handy-dandy visual.

Anatomy of a Text Update

Fredrick, photo via Melanie Deisz

Why this text is ideal

This text hits everything a worried cat parent would want to know about during a typical visit. This sitter mentions Fluffy’s behavior, eating habits, odd behaviors as well as an overview of the visit. It also outlines that the instructions were followed and gives a time frame for the next visit.

Anatomy of a Text Update

Meowdel: Fitz

Don’t forget to send a picture

The final touch of your typical text message is to send the cat parent a picture or video of their purrbaby. This should be done during every visit. For overnight reservations, send a text and a photo in the evening and again in the morning. This is an expectation of all Meowtel sitters and is considered to be a mandatory part of your daily communication with cat parents.

Why do we keep saying “typical”?

It’s important to note that while most of our sitter’s visits will be typical visits with a healthy cat, there will also be times where the visits run amok. It could be that the cat is sick (or worse, passed away), the apartment flooded, or there was a break in. In those instances, a text message isn’t going to cut it. You should call the client immediately if you ever encounter an emergency situation. And of course, update Meowtel Bellhop also. We’re here to help navigate you through any emergencies. In the meantime, use this template to keep your client’s mind at ease.

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