5 Things to Love About the Sphynx Cat

5 Things to Love About the Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx cat is a rare and unusual breed with a hairless look that sets it apart from other cats. These cats need special care, but all the extra time and effort you devote is well worth it. Their loving, playful, and curious nature makes them a great cat to call your own.


Sphynx cats are a relatively new breed of cats. While their name is inspired by the Great Sphinx of Giza, their story actually begins in Canada around 1966, when a hairless kitten was born in Toronto as a result of natural recessive genetic mutation. After many years of careful breeding, Sphynx cats are now a varied and genetically sound breed, though still rare. In 2002, the Cat Fancier’s Association accepted them for competition in the Championship Class. Originally known as Canadian Hairless Cats, according to The International Cat Association, breeders eventually settled on the moniker Sphynx.

Five Things to Love about the Sphynx Cat

  1. They may actually have fur! The most noticeable feature of the Sphynx cat is its lack of hair. However, even though they are known as the “hairless” cats, they actually have peach fuzz fur on their bodies, especially on their nose, toes, and tail. The long, lean, muscular body of the Sphynx can be smooth or covered with a soft down and they may or may not have eyebrows and whiskers.
  2. They have wrinkled and colorful skin. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, including Siamese point patterns.
  3. Small to Medium sized. An adult Sphynx cat usually weighs between 8 to 15 pounds. The males can be up to 25% larger than their female counterparts.
  4. They love attention. It’s not unusual for a Sphynx to be a therapy cat because they enjoy attention, they like to snuggle for warmth, and they tend to be easy to handle.
  5. They need to be indoors. Sphynx cats are strictly indoor pets because they’re vulnerable to the sun and cold. Even though outdoor exposure should be limited, they may be taken outside on occasion if the weather is mild, and their sensitive skin is protected from the sun. A siamese point and black and white sphynx cat snuggle under a blanket.

Health Notes

They need baths. Sphynx cats can be oily because they don’t have any hair or fur to absorb their skin oils, so they need to be bathed regularly, but not too much. You may want give your cat a special dark colored blanket or cat bed to snuggle up in because light colored materials can get stained.

Clean their ears. Because they don’t have much fur, their ears also need regular care and cleaning to remove wax buildup.

They have digestive issues. Sphynx cats often have digestive problems, because of this, they need to be fed very high-quality food.

In Conclusion

While the Sphynx is an extremely social cat, they are not a beginner’s cat. You’ll need to schedule in regular maintenance and care, and be careful with their diet. If you’re often gone during the day, consider getting another cat, or even a dog, to keep your Sphynx company.

At Meowtel, our favorite breed is Rescued. Here are some Sphynx rescues that you can support. Maybe you’ll even find a new friend!

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