Tips and Template For an A-meow-zing Resume

Tips and Template For an A-meow-zing Resume

As you may know, our cat sitter profile submission process here at Meowtel consists of several very impurrtant steps. One of the items we ask you to include is a resume/CV or LinkedIn profile showing your professional experience. If this step of the process is slowing you down or making you want to turn around and abandon your cat-sitting dreams, don't give up just yet! We have some meow-velous news that will make you feel better than catnip!

Purrhaps your resume or CV is outdated, incomplete, or lacking specific details. Maybe you don't even have a resume or LinkedIn profile at all and just thinking about creating one from scratch makes you want to take a cat-nap? If you are unsure of how to format your resume so that it is both informative and visually appealing, then using a template is a great way to get started. We have created a format to fit your needs and help you effectively present your skills and experience! Our Meowtel resume/CV template on Google Docs is free, easy to edit and customize, and filled with suggestions of what to include.

All resumes should always include your name, contact information, work history/experience, education, certifications, and professional skills. It can also be helpful to include a profile/summary statement, career objective, languages spoken, volunteer experience, and other special and relevant activities/hobbies. Even when including all of these items, it is best to limit the total document to one or two pages. A template is especially handy for helping you add and organize everything in a way that is logical and easy to read.

The most commonly preferred way to list your work history is with the current or latest experience at the top and the oldest at the bottom. This allows the vetting team to first focus on what you have most recently achieved, and then easily follow the chronological progression of your career over time. For each professional role or experience, you should include your job title, company, location, dates, and description. In addition to describing your job responsibilities and tasks, try to include some measurable things you accomplished.

Our Meowtel CV template has space for both experience and skills at the top of the page. This way, even if you don't have a lot of work experience or some of it seems irrelevant to the job you are seeking, you can focus on highlighting your relevant and transferable skills. When using a template it is very impurrtant to remember to fill in all of the fields and blanks with your own information. Before submitting a resume or CV, you should also read through it several times to check for any errors or typos. It is a good idea to ask a trusted colleague or friend to look over it too, as they may find things you missed. Free online writing assistants such as Grammarly can also help with this. Once you're finished filling it out and editing it, you can easily download our Google Doc template as a PDF, which keeps all of the formatting intact and makes it easily accessible for whoever receives it.

Read our previous blog post for more information on how to successfully complete Meowtel's cat sitter profile submission and approval process. After reading these tips and using a template, you'll soon be purring and zooming right along with a complete, professional, a-meow-zing resume!

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