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The Purrfect Cat Sitter Profile Submission

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Last updated: May 24, 2022
The Purrfect Cat Sitter Profile Submission
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Meowtel helps every cat and cat parent live their best life! And to do that, we need the best sitters. Here are a few things you should know about filling out your cat sitter listing.

Give yourself plenty of time

The submission process for Meowtel can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, so make sure you have enough time to complete everything. That includes completing a case study, writing a bio, and uploading pictures, among other things. We will begin reviewing each submission only after a listing is 100% complete. You can always change things during the process, but leaving any section blank will decrease your chances of being approved as a cat sitter.

If you’re already a cat parent on Meowtel, some of these steps might seem familiar. But, make sure to complete all information required on BOTH the cat parent and cat sitter sides!

Choose great pictures

Choosing great pictures can give your profile extra paw-zazz. For your profile photo, pick a clear, smiling headshot of you or you and your kitties. For your cover photo, this is your opportunity to show your cats off to potential clients! A horizontal/landscape photo works best for a cover photo.

Write a thoughtful bio

Here is where cat parents can really get to know you. Write a thoughtful and professional bio; tell people about yourself and your cats by keeping it informative but feel free to add some purrsonality! Showcase your cat skill set including any medications you know how to administer. Write in short paragraphs, free from typos and grammatical errors. Remember, cat sitting is a business, and this is where you get to sell your business. Here are some more tips and examples of great bios.

Include a purrfessional CV

Make sure to include a detailed, up to date resume/CV, or a LinkedIn profile that includes the time range spent at each job. Please include all professional experience, whether it’s related to cat sitting or not! If you’re retired, recently reentering the workforce, or a student or recent graduate, that’s ok! Simply explain that in your bio or in your resume summary. Check out some tips for crafting a purrfect resume.

Choose the right references

We require two professional references to process your submission. This means someone from a current or past employer, a cat or pet sitting client, or someone you volunteer with. No family members or friends, please. And, always let your references know we’ll be reaching out! For more tips on choosing a professional reference, click here.

Fill out 100% of your listing and Meowtel Account

Don’t forget the cat parent side of your account! This is where you enter your essential information: your date of birth, gender and address. Once you enter your address, you will be able to see the average rates sitters charge in your area.

Set your rates

Now it’s time to set your rates. You can offer drop-in visits once per day, twice per day or overnight visits. For drop in visits, your options for visits are 20 minutes, 45 minutes or 90 minutes. Your rates should be all inclusive so consider your transportation costs such as gas, parking, or public transportation costs. To start with, we recommend setting your rates close to the averages for your area. You can always increase these rates as you gain experience and reviews!

Select your method of transportation, schedule constraints & service radius

Let cat parents know if you have a car, rely on public transportation, or ride a bike. Also let them know how far you’re willing to travel. The Meowtel default radius is 15 miles. This means you’ll be able to sit for anyone within 15 miles of your home. Meaning, a 20 minute visit could be 15 miles away! Make sure it’s manageable for you, and don’t forget to mention any schedule constraints you may have. For example, if you have an exercise class every Wednesday night and are unavailable then, no problem! Just make sure cat parents know that before booking. You can always make changes later, if necessary!

Make sure our email doesn’t go to spam!

All e-mail communication during this process will come from [email protected] Double check that it’s on your approved senders list. We’d hate for an impurrtant message to go to your junk folder! We also send SMS messages as reminders during the process, too.

Respond to deadlines

During the process, we may ask you for additional information that must be completed in a timely manner. It is super helpful if you’re able to respond before the deadlines we communicate. This means a shorter wait time for you, and it shows us your reliability, time-management, and responsiveness.


This whole process, from creating a free account to sitter on-boarding, usually takes between 10 and 14 days. The most responsive candidates and references can activate in under one week. The typical, casual sitter can make anywhere between $500 and $1,000 per month. The best cat sitters make around $5,000 a month! But the amount of kitty head-butts and purrs are priceless.

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