Cat Hygge: Get Snuggly in the Winter

Cat Hygge: Get Snuggly in the Winter

The word Hygge is probably not one many people are familiar with. But introverts, homebodies, and cat owners rejoice—the Hygge lifestyle is becoming a popular way for people and their furry animals to live. Hygge (pronounced like hue-guh) is a Danish word meaning “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing, regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture.”

So yes, the Hygge lifestyle literally means living inside your home amongst a warm, cozy, and comfortable atmosphere. Does it get any better than that? It sure does: by living the Hygge lifestyle with your cat.

Hygge in the Fall and Winter

If you live in an area of the world that has a marked change in seasons, then you’ll know that the cozy life begins in the fall and lives through the winter. The air becomes cool and crisp, the leaves change into a stunning display of reds, oranges, yellows, and deep purples before they fall, and the Earth turns towards the long stretch of winter. Pumpkin spice, apple pie, cinnamon clove, and pine scents fill the air as boots, scarves, sweaters, and jackets make their way into our daily wardrobe. Decorations stay up from Halloween until Christmas, and the draw towards spending time indoors becomes strong. Starting in October, Hygge season is officially upon us.

Since the Hygge lifestyle is based around being as warm and cozy as possible, so the fall and winter are the optimal time for comfy living. When the weather is cold outside, it makes staying in much easier. We want to be warm, cozy, and protected from the brisk fall and harsh winter winds, so we surround ourselves with things that bring us comfort inside our homes.

How do you make your home Hygge-ready in the fall and winter? Let’s take a look at some essentials that really make the Hygge lifestyle as warm and cozy as possible.

Scented candles. The signature notes of autumn and winter are pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and pine. Warm, inviting scents that are as spicy as they are sweet. Lighting candles in the evenings is a wonderful way to bring a comfy, cozy, and inviting feeling to your home.

Baked goods. Apple cider donuts, pumpkin spice muffins, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple fritters, brownies, Christmas cookies, and more, there is no better time of year for staying in and baking than the cold months of October - December.

Warm drinks. Pumpkin spice lattes, hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and warm teas—there is absolutely nothing better. These are just as much staples during the fall and winter as they are staples in the Hygge lifestyle.

Comfort food. Fall and winter also come with comfort foods that are a wonderful way to create a warm feeling in the brisk fall months. Butternut squash soup, baked sweet potatoes, carrot ginger soup, chili, and Thanksgiving foods are warm and spiceful foods that really embody coziness.

Soft and snuggly things. The weather beginning to turn cold may be a sad thing for some people, but for others, it means one thing: sweater weather. Soft and snuggly sweaters during the fall are absolute the best, and winter means it’s time to break out the fuzzy blankets.

Soft lighting and ambiance. Living Hygge means that even the ambiance should be cozy. Candles, soft lighting, salt lamps, and string lights are great ways to bring a soft atmosphere to your home.

Relaxing hobbies. Reading, writing, watching movies, painting, practicing calligraphy, and playing video games—an introverted homebody’s dream. These are all great things to do while you’re enjoying Hygge in your home.

Comforting activities. Hygge is all about comfort and coziness, which means it’s an environment that is very much anti-anxiety. Partaking in relaxing activities such as coloring, doing puzzles, and knitting are great ways to stay happy and relaxed.

Warmth. Keeping your home warm and cozy is imperative. Crank the heat and snuggle under some blankets. If you have a fireplace, even better.

Sweet treats. The fall and winter are hosts to two of the best holidays on the calendar: Halloween and Christmas. Make sure when you’re collecting treats for the kids in their Halloween bags and Christmas stockings, you’re sneaking some for yourself. Treat yourself.

Loved ones. Hygge would not be complete without people to share it with. Inviting friends and family over to spend cozy days and nights in your home is the best way to experience Hygge. The other best part? Sharing it with your cat.

Hygge With Your Cat

Now that you know all about what Hygge is, let’s talk about how to live the Hygge lifestyle with your cat.

Having a cat in the home is already a wonderful way to introduce Hygge into your home. Studies show that petting an animal can have anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects on humans. There is nothing more Hygge than cuddling and petting a warm, soft, and purring cat.

Cozy cat comforts. If you’re comfy, your cat should be too. Make sure you have soft and cozy places for your cat to snuggle, like a cat bed or a soft pile of blankets.

Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. Staying cozy inside the home is only made cozier by cuddles. Soft and fluffy kitties are the best cuddle partners ever.

Treats. Indulging in treats is a big part of Hygge, and you should make sure you’re kitty is getting some treats too. Even cats should be able to snack on some (cat safe) goodies once in a while!

Relaxing and comforting activities. Playing with and petting your cat is comforting and relaxing for both humans and cats. Playing and petting are proven to be stress relieving for humans, and provide a feeling of love, comfort, and bonding for your cat.

Peaceful ambiance. Having a warm and peaceful atmosphere in your home is not only cozy and relaxing for you, but it will bring comfort to your kitty too.

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