The Meowtel Meet and Greet - Make it Meow-velous

The Meowtel Meet and Greet - Make it Meow-velous

A big part of the Meowtel experience is the Meet and Greet. This is a time for cat sitters to meet the clients, both human and feline, and for both parties to ensure the upcoming visit goes purrfectly. Below is information on the Meet and Greet for both cat parents and cat sitters.

Cat Parents

Once you have booked your reservation, reach out to your sitter and offer a few days and times for them to come over and meet your furry friend. The meeting should take about 15 to 30 minutes and is included with your reservation at no extra charge. Hopefully, kitty is in a friendly mood, but if not, show your sitter the most common hiding spots and how to coax them out. Also show them where the food and litter boxes are located, their favorite toys and treats, and even the cleaning supplies, just in case.

This is also the time to give your sitter a copy of the house key or door code. Does the lock stick? Do you live in a gated community? Have an alarm? Make sure your sitter leaves without any doubt on how to get in when they come back for the appointment. Go over key return instructions as well.

If the visit is overnight make sure to discuss sleeping arrangements and other household logistics like how to set the thermostat.

Also, double check you’ve filled out your vet release form! If not, discuss that information with the sitter during the meeting, and definitely fill it out before the reservation starts.

It’s important to review feeding and playtime instructions carefully but don’t forget to speak human! This is a good time for cat parents and cat sitters to get to know each other and build trust.

Cat Sitters

Remember, a reservation must be made prior to a Meet and Greet. This way, you’ll have full access to the cat parent’s profile where you can see reviews, information on each kitty, and vet release forms. If the form isn’t filled out yet, remind the cat parent to do so, and get the information on the spot. Or, check to make sure it’s filled out before the reservation begins.

Once you and the cat parent have agreed on a time for the Meet and Greet, make yourself familiar with the notes section on the app. This is a great place to jot down all the questions you have about your kitty clients, like any behavioral quirks or pre-existing medical conditions. Check out the list of recommended questions.

Make sure you test the house key! Put the key on your personal key ring, or if it’s a FOB or door code slip, place it in your wallet or other secure location. Never store client keys in your car. Also, discuss how the client would like you to return the key.

When you leave, hopefully, you feel totally confident about how to care for the kitty! But, if any questions arise after the Meet and Greet, make sure to reach out to the client before the start of the reservation.

What if it’s not a purrfect fit? Or you just can’t agree on a time?

You may conduct a Meet and Greet virtually if that better suits everyone’s schedule. Or, if there are special circumstances, for example a covid exposure. When conducting meetings virtually, make sure to be extra thorough!

If you are not 100 percent satisfied after your Meet and Greet, don’t worry. We have the Meowtel Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Cat parents: please let us know and we will cancel the reservation and you will receive a full refund.
  • Cat sitters: if you are uncomfortable in the home for cleanliness or safety reasons, please let the cat parent know it’s not a great fit, and encourage them to search for a new sitter.

Hopefully with these tips, each Meet and Greet goes paws-itively and leads to a fruitful and long lasting relationship!

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