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Find a Trusted Cat Sitter in Saint Louis, MO

St. Louis, Missouri has a rich history and is home to many iconic landmarks. It's a city where culture, art, and innovation flourish. From the Gateway Arch to the historic neighborhoods like Soulard, the St. Louis area offers residents and visitors a memorable, entertaining experience.

Despite its urban setting, the city has many parks, paths, and venues that warmly welcome our beloved pets. So, bring your furball along next time you set out to explore the Gateway to the West.

Saint Louis, MO Cat Cafés

Mauhaus Cat Cafe and Lounge

Nestled at the corner of Elm Street, Mauhaus Cat Cafe and Lounge is a great spot to visit. This cat café partners with Stray Haven Rescue and offers a relaxing, enjoyable experience. It's a great opportunity to socialize with the city's cutest residents. Visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while spending quality time with adoptable cats, making it a purrfect destination for cat enthusiasts.

The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe

Nestled near the iconic Gateway Arch, The Cheshire Grin Cat Cafe in Saint Louis, MO, provides a unique experience where visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee while interacting with adorable feline companions. The cafe's charming atmosphere, combined with its proximity to the historic landmark, offers a delightful space for cat enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Local Rescues and Shelters


CARE STL (Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment) isn't far from the iconic Gateway Arch. It's a dedicated rescue organization in St. Louis that is fully committed to the well-being of animals. They provide a safe haven for pets in need and work tirelessly to find them loving homes.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Located close to the historic Soulard neighborhood, Stray Rescue of St. Louis plays a crucial role in rescuing and rehabilitating stray animals. Their efforts contribute to creating a more compassionate community for both residents and their four-legged friends.

Country Acres Rescue

Country Acres Rescue near Forest Park strives to rescue and rehome animals in St. Louis. With a focus on providing shelter and care, they play a vital role in ensuring that pets find the love and attention they deserve.

Places to Eat with Your Cat

Boathouse at Forest Park

Nestled by Post-Dispatch Lake in Forest Park, the Boathouse offers a serene dining experience with a pet-friendly atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy a meal with their cats while surrounded by the natural beauty of Forest Park and its picturesque lake.

Kingside Diner

You'll find Kingside Diner in the Central West End neighborhood. This restaurant welcomes feline companions to join their owners in the outdoor seating area. With its proximity to the lively streets and sights to see, diners and their cats can enjoy a vibrant and pet-friendly dining experience.

Shameless Grounds

Situated in the historic Soulard neighborhood, Shameless Grounds provides a unique, pet-friendly dining experience. Guests can savor their meals on the outdoor patio with their 4-legged kids while taking in the charm of Soulard, known for its historic architecture and vibrant atmosphere.

Pet-Friendly Parks and Nature Trails

Jefferson Barracks Park

Jefferson Barracks Park, located in south St. Louis County, offers a pet-friendly haven with sprawling green spaces and walking trails. Visitors and their pets can explore the park's historic landmarks, including the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery and the Old Ordnance Room.

Fort Bellefontaine Loop Trail

The Fort Bellefontaine Loop Trail, situated near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, provides a scenic and pet-friendly outdoor experience. Hikers and their furry companions can enjoy the natural beauty along the trail, taking in views of the historic Fort Bellefontaine and the surrounding waterways.

Castlewood State Park

Nestled along the Meramec River, Castlewood State Park in Ballwin welcomes pet owners and their animals to explore its wooded trails. With scenic river views and the iconic ruins of the Castlewood Mansion, this park offers a serene setting for outdoor activities with furry friends.

Cat-Friendly Hotels & Rentals

Magnolia Hotel St. Louis

Located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, Magnolia Hotel St. Louis offers a stylish and pet-friendly accommodation experience. With its proximity to the Gateway Arch, guests can enjoy not only the comfort of the hotel, but also the iconic views of this national monument.

Drury Inn & Suites St. Louis Airport

Not far from Lambert International Airport, Drury Inn & Suites provides a convenient and pet-welcoming stay for travelers. Guests can take advantage of the hotel's amenities while being close to transportation hubs for a seamless travel experience.

Drury Plaza St. Louis Arch

With the Gateway Arch as a prominent backdrop, Drury Plaza St. Louis Arch offers a cat-friendly hotel experience in the heart of the city. Travelers can enjoy comfortable accommodations and explore nearby landmarks, including the iconic Gateway Arch, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business visitors.

in the vibrant city of Saint Louis, MO. Our experienced pet sitters undergo thorough background checks, so you can have peace of mind and travel with confidence. When you need a reliable in-home cat sitter for your beloved kitties, Meowtel is your trusted choice. to help you with pet care today.

Our Purrfect Hospitality Promise : 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first Meowtel reservation

Saint Louis Cat Sitter FAQs

Cat sitter costs vary depending on the level of care and number of days needed. Cats that require extra care, such as injections or medications, may be at a higher rate. The average visit rate for a cat sitter in Saint Louis, MO as of July 2024 is $28.25. Some cat sitters on Meowtel offer discounts for specific visits and new clients. Generally, you should budget between $20-$40 per day for cat care.

At Meowtel, we provide in-home cat sitting. All pet sitters are thoroughly vetted and have undergone a background check. Plus you can read reviews from other cat parents. offer 20 minute, 45 minute, 60 minute drop-in visits as well as overnight stays in your home. Choose flexible visitation schedules, such as daily or alternating days, and have peace of mind knowing that your pet is in great care.

To , cat parents can start the search by entering their zip code and the dates when cat care is needed. Select a cat sitter, then book and pay via Meowtel. Every reservation includes a free consultation, so you can meet your cat sitter and introduce your fur baby.

Each : feeding, refreshing the water bowls, litter box scooping, tidying up, medications (if applicable), updates with photos, lots of playtime, as well as any special requests. Many Meowtel cat sitters have also been known to provide snuggles, cuddles, and even putting on cat TV! We know everyone's pets are different. That's why we offer tailored services in your own home environment to spare your cat the discomfort of being somewhere new. Plus, you'll be able to schedule a Meet & Greet with your pet sitter to ensure it will be a purrfect fit. Meowtel cat sitters offer this for free and it's a great way for your kitty to meet their new best friend.

While cats often prefer familiar spaces, they still need the care of a pet sitter while their humans are out of town. Some cats may be shy around new people who aren't family members, but pet owners can rest easy knowing that a trustworthy cat sitting service is there to provide care and cuddles in their absence.

Meowtel's reliable cat sitters can drop by for a short period of time with your cat or stay overnight to house sit all night. Visits are tailored to meet your pet's specific requirements, but there's no right or wrong amount of time. Longer visits not only address a pet's basic needs, but also allow for additional services, like home upkeep and administering medication, while shorter visits are ideal if you're just worried about the cat's food and water supply.

While cats may be lower maintenance than dogs, cat sitters play an important role in ensuring their well-being. Our trusted caregivers are responsible for tasks such as feeding, replenishing water, and maintaining the litter box. In addition to these basics, they offer companionship, playtime, grooming, health monitoring, and accommodate unique pet needs to provide loving care and reduce anxiety for both you and your pet.

Saint Louis, with its numerous parks, paths, and pet-friendly venues, offers a diverse and vibrant experience for cat owners. The city's commitment to art, culture, and innovation, along with its breathtaking views and iconic landmarks, makes it an ideal place for both humans and their feline friends.

Meowtel ensures the quality of its cat sitters by conducting thorough vetting and background checks. Our sitters are experienced and reviewed by other cat parents, ensuring your pet receives the best possible care. We also offer a free consultation for you to meet your sitter and ensure they're the right fit for your cat.

When choosing a cat sitter, consider the sitter's experience, reviews from other cat owners, and the specific services they offer, such as the duration of visits, playtime, and any special care your cat might need. Meowtel's free Meet & Greet session is an excellent opportunity to discuss these details and ensure a good match.

Talk with your pet sitter about their overnight fee. Most cat sitters will have their various rates listed on their Meowtel profile.

Saint Louis has several reputable cat rescue organizations, including CARE STL, Stray Rescue of St. Louis, and Country Acres Rescue. These organizations offer opportunities for adoption and volunteering, helping to care for cats in need within the community.