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Go to Account > My Cats and Click on Add More Cats.

If your reservation qualifies for the Meowtel Promise, only the cats listed on the reservation are insured and guaranteed care, so it is important to accurately list all of the cats in your home in your account and ensure they are included on the reservation. If a sitter encounters a household that did not accurately report the number of cats, the sitter will contact us to update the reservation, and you will be charged accordingly.

Your cats’ profiles are also where you will list their vaccination dates, medications, feeding instructions, likes and dislikes, etc. The more detailed you are when completing these sections the better equipped your sitter will be to provide the specific care you would like your cat(s) to receive while you’re away.

In preparation for your reservation, it is also important to complete the Vet Release Form. In the event of a medical emergency where your sitter cannot contact you to authorize care immediately and directly, your sitter will use this form to obtain veterinary care for your kitty. A copy of this form will be supplied to your primary vet, by your sitter, to authorize any emergency care needed. It is also recommended that you supply this completed form to your primary vet in advance, along with a copy of an authorized credit card to be kept on file. Without this completed form, Meowtel sitters are not legally authorized to transport your cat(s) to seek medical attention.

We understand if you don't have your vaccination records handy. Do your best to complete your cat's information as thoroughly as possible. You can always update this section later to ensure your sitter can provide the best care possible.

Please visit your Reservations screen in your Account Dashboard to review, modify, or cancel a reservation.

While logged into your Meowtel account, you may update your home address on the My Information screen. 

Please be sure to check that your address, phone number, and email address are up to date each time you make a new Meowtel reservation. Your email address and phone number need to be accurate in order to access your account and contact your sitter. And your home address, of course, must be correct so that your sitter is able to find your home and provide service.

Please visit your Payment Methods screen in your Account Dashboard to add, edit, or remove a payment method.

We’re sad to see you leave! However, if you wish to deactivate your account, please visit your Account page. Scroll to the bottom, and click on Deactivate account. 

Please note: This process is for cat parent accounts only. If you’re a Meowtel cat sitter wishing to deactivate your account, please visit this page for more details, and/or send us an email at

It’s free and easy to create a Meowtel cat parent profile. Once you have set up your profile, you can book a vetted and reliable Meowtel cat sitter in your area, as well as correspond with them directly through the Meowtel Inbox! 

  1. Create your Meowtel Account here.
  2. Follow the prompts to enter all relevant and necessary information, including your name, email address, phone number, and zip code.
  3. Next, upload a photo of you, your cat(s), and/or all of you together so your Meowtel sitter can get to know you and your precious feline(s). We also encourage you to tell us a little bit about yourself on your Account page.
  4. Be sure to complete a profile for each of your cats under My Cats. Please be as thorough as possible so that Meowtel sitters will best understand your needs and expectations. There are fields for Feeding Instructions, Food Allergies, Medications, Medical Conditions, Favorite Toys, Litter Care, and more.
  5. Please remember to fill out the Vet Release Form. (This is optional, but highly encouraged in case of emergencies!)
  6. Provide useful information and any special instructions regarding your home under My Home.

Book a vetted Meowtel cat sitter in your area and get meowin’!

Once logged into your account on the website, click on View Profile in the left hand menu. Here you will be able to view all cat care information provided to your Meowtel sitter.

Note: This option is only available on our website, not on the app. The information is only visible to your Meowtel cat sitter after your reservation has been confirmed.

While logged into your Meowtel account on our website, you may upload or edit your profile photo on your My Information screen. On our app, you can do this from the My Photos screen under your Profile tab.

Photos of your kitties can be uploaded on their individual profiles on the My Cats screen on both our app and website. 

It’s very important to provide photos before your Meet & Greet and reservation. A profile photo helps your sitter confirm that they’re meeting the correct person, and photos of your kitties ensure that care is provided to the correct cats. (This is especially important in multi-cat households where cats might require different medications, diets, etc.) Please don’t skip this step!

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