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We understand the situation we're all living in; you shouldn't worry, vaccines are not required to book an in-home cat sitter.

  1. Begin your search for a sitter here.
  2. Once you have found a sitter you’d like to book with, click on Book Now from your chosen sitter’s listing. (Be sure to review their schedule constraints and any advance notice requirements.)
  3. Confirm your address where service will take place and add your cat(s) to the reservation. Please note that only the cats included on the reservation will be guaranteed care and covered by our insurance.*
  4. Add your cat(s) to the reservation. Please note that only the cats included on the reservation will be guaranteed care and covered by our insurance.*
  5. Select the date(s) needed, the calendar will show you the dates when the sitter offers drop-in visits and/or overnight stays.
  6. On the “Select Preferences” screen, click on the edit button on each date to choose the number of visits you need, your time preference, and the duration for each visit. You can only select from the options that the sitter offers.
  7. If the sitter provided you with a coupon code, please remember to enter it on the Review Your Reservation screen. Coupon codes cannot be applied after the reservation has been submitted.
  8. Enter your payment information, and confirm your reservation request! A hold will be placed on your credit card at this time.
  9. Once your sitter has accepted your request, your card will be charged. Your sitter will then contact you to schedule your complimentary Meet & Greet!

*Only eligible reservations qualify for the Meowtel Promise.

Yes! After you’ve selected your dates, you will be able to choose the number of visits you need, your time preference, and the duration for each visit by clicking on the edit button on each date in the “Select Preferences” page. You can select up to 4 visits in one day (morning, midday, evening & overnight stay). You can only select from the options that the sitter offers and is available for.

Most sitters respond within minutes, yet please be patient – each sitter has 24 hours to either accept or decline a request. After this time has passed, the request will auto cancel and the hold on your credit card will be released. You’re then welcome to submit a request for another sitter.

Meowtel cat sitters are committed to providing you and your cat(s) with superior care. To ensure that your cat sitter’s time and attention is honored and respected, we encourage Meowtel cat parents to supply all pertinent information needed so Meowtel sitters can perform their services as purrfectly as possible. 

The following tips will help solidify your status as a “purrfect client”:

  • Be as complete and thorough with your expectations and directions as possible. Please complete all sections of your profile including Account, My Cats, and My Home.
  • While not required, we highly recommend completing the Vet Release Form. This form authorizes your sitter to take your kitty to the vet in an emergency situation.
  • If your sitter has questions or concerns, please know they may require responsiveness (especially if their concern is urgent in nature). If there are any alternate contacts or additional ways to reach you, please share them with your sitter before the reservation begins.
  • Please alert your sitter ahead of time if you will potentially be unreachable for any portion of time during the reservation, purrhaps due to limited internet access, off the grid/remote destinations, long distance air / sea travel, etc. 
  • Please review our Fit for Service Home Environments policy to ensure that your home meets these standards. Meowtel sitters may choose to cancel a reservation at any time if the home they are visiting is not fit for service due to pest infestations, extreme temperatures, hoarding situations, illegal substances or drug paraphernalia in the home, unannounced home dwellers or visitors, etc.
  • Your Meowtel sitter could risk removal from Meowtel if you agree to pay them outside of the Meowtel platform, schedule any visits without a reservation, request services outside of what Meowtel offers (including but not limited to dog walking, running errands, spending considerable time beyond the reservation parameters, grooming, etc).

There are circumstances when Meowtel may deactivate a cat parent’s account, such as:

  • Breach of terms 
  • Home is unfit for service
  • Harassment or inappropriate conduct
  • Sitter complaints or escalations
  • Multiple reports of lack of communication/unresponsiveness 

Please note, our sitters will not discuss, provide or negotiate the following: 

  • Other pet-sitting platforms
  • Boarding, kenneling, grooming, nail trimming, or any other service Meowtel does not offer
  • Social media handles
  • Promotion of other products or services
  • Scheduled veterinary visits
  • Dog walking or other services unrelated to cat sitting

Please reach out to Meowtel if you have any concerns regarding the above! We are happy to clarify any questions you may have.

We want cat parents to have peace of mind while they’re away, so all Meowtel reservations come with a free Meet & Greet to ensure the sitter you chose is the purrfect fit for you and your feline family. Eligible reservations are also backed by our Purrfect Hospitality Promise, which means that if you are not completely satisfied with your sitter after conducting the free Meet & Greet, we will help you rebook your reservation with a different sitter or issue you a full refund (upon request). Simply reach out to our Bellhop for support, and a member of our team will be happy to assist.*

 *Only eligible reservations qualify for the Meowtel Promise.

When placing a reservation, you have the ability to select the preferred visit time (morning, midday, evening, anytime), which will be conducted between the following hours: 

  • Morning Visits: 6am - 11am
  • Midday Visits: 11am - 4pm
  • Evening Visits: 4pm - 10pm
  • Anytime Visits: 6am - 10pm

If there is more specific timing you would like your sitter to come for their visit(s), please be sure to clearly communicate that to them before the reservation starts.

We strongly recommend placing separate reservations whenever there will be more than three days between visits from your sitter. This will allow for greater flexibility should you need to make any booking modifications or cancel your upcoming travel plans.

For example, if you have trips planned for two separate weekends in the same month, rather than booking one reservation with several days between visits, it would be in your best interest to book a separate reservation for each weekend, as then our 48-hour cancellation policy and cutoff for booking modifications would apply to each reservation, rather than only the first reservation. 

It's never too early to start locking in your plans. Meowtel cat sitters are encouraged to open their calendar availability at least 2-3 months ahead of time. Some even open their calendars for the entire year! Should your travel plans change before you leave on vacation, you can submit one modification request directly to your sitter. More on our cancellation policy here.

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