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Meet And Greet

Keeping you safe is a top priority for us! Just like you wouldn't go to a stranger's house on a first date, you shouldn't go to a Meet & Greet without a reservation request. This is all about keeping you safe and in the know. Once a reservation request is in, you'll get all the info you need:

  • User profile & reviews
  • Cat profiles and Vet Release Form
  • Address & contact info

Remember, you get to decide who you want to work with, and having all this information will help you make the best choice.

The Meet & Greet is a complimentary 15-30 minute meeting typically held at the client's home so you can meet their kitties, cover logistics, and receive a copy of the key. Here's how to prepare for your Meet & Greets:

  1. Be on time to show your professionalism. If you're running late for any reason, communicate that to the client.
  2. When you're introduced to the kitties, demonstrate your enthusiasm by crouching down to let the kitties sniff your hand or pet them, if they're comfortable.
  3. Taking notes can be very useful. The Meowtel App has a Notes section under each reservation card for your convenience.
  4. Remember to ask insightful questions, especially ones the cat parents never think about!
  5. If you receive a copy of the keys, test them out with the client to confirm they work properly. Don't forget to also discuss and agree on the method and timing for the key return. Be that in person or in a secure location where the key can be safely left.

As you wrap up the Meet & Greet, thank the cat parent for their time and ask if they have any final questions or concerns. This is a great time to reassure them that you're reachable via the app and that they can expect regular updates with photos and videos during each visit.

Go to your Reservations and click on your client’s photo (above their name).

Once you are on their user profile, you can see their care instructions and Vet Release Form. If their profile is empty, that means they have not yet completed these items. It may be helpful to send them a friendly reminder to please complete those sections prior to their departure; the Meet & Greet is also a good opportunity to remind them to complete those important details.

If a client does not want to conduct a Meet & Greet in person, we suggest you take the following steps through the Meowtel messaging system:

  1. Offer a Meet and Greet via Facetime, Skype, or an alternate video platform. 
  2. Prompt the client to complete their User Profile, their Cat's Profile(s), and their Vet Release Form.
  3. You're welcome to share the requirements of Meowtel's Premium Insurance by providing the client with this link.
  4. Refer to the Meet & Greet form to come up with additional questions for your client. 
  5. Ensure you will have proper access to the client’s home (i.e. accurate keyless entry codes or keys that have been tested to guarantee functionality).

The client will also receive several email prompts from Meowtel to ensure their profile is 100% complete before the Meet & Greet and especially before their reservation starts. However, it never hurts to give them a nudge if you feel you’re still missing pertinent information in order to provide the best care possible for their kitties.

Yes. Meowtel Cat sitters always get to choose which clients they want to take on. Some reasons for which you might turn down a client after completing the Meet & Greet include:

  • You don't agree with how the client cares for their cats
  • You believe the cats need more frequent drop-in visits than what the client is requesting (e.g. the client wants visits every 4 days, and you think the cats need visits every 2 days)
  • You are not comfortable in their home for safety or cleanliness reasons (please refer to our Fit for Service Home Environments policy for details) 
  • If you decide you don't want to take the client on by the end of their Meet & Greet, please let them know that it's not the purrfect fit, and recommend they start a new search on Meowtel or reach out to the Bellhop for assistance rebooking, and ensure that you do not take their key(s) home with you.

Last Updated: February 27, 2024

Our sitters reserve the right to limit the time spent in a home or cancel a reservation if a home does not meet satisfactory cleanliness, safety, comfort, or wellness standards. These cancellations typically occur after the Meet & Greet if the sitter feels their health or safety could be adversely affected by being in your home, or if they do not feel comfortable with the condition that the cat(s) may be in. We will always notify the customer if this is the case.

Below are examples of why a sitter could cancel due to health/wellness sensitives or safety issues while in, or while entering, certain home environments:

  1. Excessive cat dander, hair, or dust
  2. Excessive litter box/bathroom accidents or cat vomit, particularly in carpeted areas
  3. Repulsive odors
  4. Pest or parasite infestations, including fleas
  5. Extreme indoor temperatures
  6. Point of entry obstructions caused by overgrown vegetation or insect habitats
  7. Hoarder homes
  8. Aggressive cats that attack a sitter through bites or scratches
  9. The client being in a state of intoxication or demonstrating mentally unwell behavior during the Meet & Greet or at any point during the reservation
  10. A cat that is showing signs of animal cruelty or abuse, including neglect or severe health concerns
  11. Illegal substances or drug paraphernalia in the home
  12. Unannounced home dwellers or visitors, such as Airbnb guests or roommates
  13. Communicable diseases, such as, but not limited to: Ringworm, URIs (Upper Respiratory Infections), etc.

If you need to report a home as unfit or if you believe you have encountered an instance of animal cruelty, please call 1-844-MEOWTEL or email us at [email protected] with accompanying photos and videos of what you observed. Once we review the documents and deem the home as unfit, a Meowtel sitter may alter the visit duration to stay only as long as it takes to complete the critical care tasks (feeding, water refresh, medications, litter box scooping) or cancel the reservation altogether and we reserve the right to not provide service to the customer in the future.

We want you to have a purrfect experience and that starts with ensuring your client's homes are in a clean and comfortable state for when you make your visits.

As a sitter, you have the ability to take notes on all of your clients, and these notes will only be visible to you. However, please ensure they are professional and not personal opinions.

Here are the purrfect questions to ask your clients and take notes on:

  1. Does the client want you to remove your shoes in their home?
  2. What's the care routine for their kitties?
  3. Feeding time & amounts
  4. Dietary requirements & treats
  5. Location of water bowl(s)
  6. Where is the litter box(es)? 
  7. How do they handle the disposal of waste (used litter, cat food cans, etc.)?
  8. Where do they keep cleaning supplies (paper towels, vacuums, brooms) to help tidy up?
  9. Cat behavior
  10. Any behavioral quirks?
  11. Any special needs or medications?
  12. Any kitties prone to bathroom accidents or hairballs?
  13. Which room(s) do the cats have access to?
  14. Which toys need to be put away while unsupervised?
  15. House rules
  16. Any household features to be aware of? For example, a window that might not shut all the way, a lock that sticks, or steep stairs.
  17. Do they want mail and packages brought in?
  18. Are there other animals to feed or plants to water?
  19. What is their preference for the key return?
  20. Are there any alarms or security systems to be aware of?

Only the cats listed on the reservation are insured and guaranteed care. If you encounter a household that did not accurately report the number of cats, please contact us to update the reservation and discuss your options.

Politely let your client know that unfortunately, we cannot allow their kitty outside during the reservation as it is a safety concern.

It is important to note that Meowtel Insurance will be completely void on a reservation that includes any indoor/outdoor cat, outdoor cats, or feral cats. We do not guarantee the safety or well-being of any cat that is allowed outside the home, nor should any indoor cat be allowed outside under the care of a Meowtel sitter.

If the client has any concerns about this policy, they are welcome to contact us at [email protected].

When placing their reservation, the client has the ability to select their time preference (morning, midday, evening, anytime):

  • Morning Visits: 6am - 11am
  • Midday Visits: 11am - 4pm
  • Evening Visits: 4pm - 10pm
  • Anytime Visits: 6am - 10pm

Whenever you receive a reservation request, we recommend getting in touch with the client to coordinate the expected arrival time for each visit.

Being a cat-centric platform, Meowtel can only guarantee that our sitters are qualified to work with cats; therefore, we do not insure pets other than cats.

If a client does inquire about other pets, you may make the decision to care for them at your own risk. We encourage you to indicate your willingness to care for their other pets in writing, clearly indicating that these pets will not be covered by Meowtel’s insurance or service agreement. At least one cat must be listed on the reservation, and all payments must be made through the Meowtel platform.

Although most cat parents will send you a reservation request without messaging you first, some clients (especially those who are new to Meowtel) may want to chat first. Here are some topics you might want to discuss:

  • Do they need you to visit at specific times, and if so, are you available during those times?
  • If they have pets that are not cats, are you comfortable caring for those pets as well? Please make sure the client is aware that our insurance will not cover any pets, other than the cats listed on the reservation.
  • If their kitty has special needs (injections, fluids, oral meds, etc)? If so, are you comfortable with performing those tasks, or are you willing to learn how to perform them, if you don’t already have experience?
  • How many kitties are in the home? If there are more than three cats (or if any kitties have special needs), we strongly recommend a minimum of 45-minute visits. However, you may also offer twice daily 20-minute visits, if you feel comfortable caring for their kitties in that amount of time.
  • Do you service their area?

Important: Remember to never exchange personal contact information (including phone numbers, email addresses, or social media handles) or schedule a Meet & Greet without a confirmed reservation in place.

We strongly recommend clients place separate reservations whenever there will be more than three days between visits from their sitter. This will allow for greater flexibility should they need to make any booking modifications or cancel their upcoming travel plans.

For example, if a customer tells you they have trips planned for two separate weekends in the same month, rather than booking one reservation with several days between visits, it would be in your best interest to advise them to book a separate reservation for each weekend. This not only gives the client greater flexibility, yet it also provides you with more opportunities to receive reviews, as well as potentially receive your earnings from their reservation faster, since earnings for reservations longer than 7 days are prorated.

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