2019 Holiday Gift List for Cats

2019 Holiday Gift List for Cats

25 Pawsome Presents of 2019

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It’s here! Meowtel’s 2019 Holiday Gift List. We’ve selected a variety of items we know your cats will love this holiday season. No matter what cat gear your kitty is into, we’ve got the purrfect present to bring joy to their world!

Stocking Stuffers

1. KONG Laser Cat Toy

Price: $6.99*

Why we love it: Most cats just can’t resist that little red dot. So we like to have a themed laser pointer for every holiday! Because we’re festive like that.


2. Hexbug Nano Robotic Cat Toy

Price: $8.14*

Why we love it: Cats are captivated by the sporadic movements of these cute little jitterbugs. Using vibration technology, the hexbug nano scurries around just like a real critter. They work best on hard floors, and we recommend using the Catit Design Senses Circuit Cat Toy to keep the hexbug contained, otherwise these little buggers tend to scamper off and get lost under furniture.

3. Cat Amazing Best Cat Toy Ever! Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Toy

Price: $15.94*

Why we love it: The title doesn’t lie on this one, it really is amazing. We love that this puzzle box has an inner maze that provides curious kitties with entertainment through discovery and teaches them problem-solving skills. It’s a win-win.

4. SnugglyCat Ripple Rug Cat Activity Play Mat

Price: $46.00*

Why we love it: We know that it looks kind of strange, but fort-loving kitties are obsessed with the Ripple Rug. We love that it promotes creative play and can be folded into different configurations to keep kitties challenged. For extra fun, throw some hidden treasures inside (i.e. toys or treats) for them to search and hunt.

5. Frisco 47-in Foldable Crinkle Play Tunnel with 2 Windows

Price: $16.94*

Why we love it: Who doesn’t love a good tunnel? It’s great for engaging with your cats. Use an interactive toy (we recommend our favorite feather wand) to entice them to hide and hunt through the windows. Kitties dig the chase!


6. Frisco 72-in Cat Tree

Price: $99.99*

Why we love it: This cat tree lets your cat reach new heights - six feet to be exact! It has three perches making it perfect for multicat households, and two cubbies (a small and a large) to accommodate catnaps of all sizes. With ten fully wrapped sisal scratching posts and two scratch board ramps, kitties can scratch until their heart’s content. It even comes with a few dangling toys for some extra cat time fun. Seriously, this cat tree has got it all. For senior kitty pals who still want to explore their vertical world but aren’t as nimble as they used to be, we recommend the EliteField Cat Tree & Scratching Post. It’s a shorter (40 inch) tree with three easy to climb steps for kitties to perch and scratch during their ascent to the cozy kitty lookout bed.

7. Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench Decorative Litter Box Cover & Storage

Price: $104.99*

Why we love it: We know that litter boxes are ugly and messy, but this cabinet is the purrfect disguise! It not only hides the unsightly litter box, but it also keeps the litter mess contained. It has a removable partition inside, pre-cut holes for electronic litter box cables, and fits all sizes of boxes. This cabinet comes in both white and walnut, and the kitty entrance can be placed on either end, making this a convenient yet aesthetic litter storage solution.

8. Armarkat Pet Steps

Price: $52.99*

Why we love it: Pet steps are a great option for older cats who are starting to have trouble jumping or climbing up onto the bed or couch. Unlike plastic, foldable stairs, the Armarkat Pet Steps are sturdy and do not slide or collapse when used. They’re also wrapped in faux fur, so they’re a bit more attractive than plastic steps. While we whole-heartedly advocate for pet steps, we also know that cats can be stubborn. So for those kitties who refuse to use steps, we recommend the Solvit Wood Bedside Dog & Cat Ramp. We like this ramp because it’s sturdy, tall enough for beds of all sizes, and wide enough for kitty to feel comfortable using it.


9. Catit Bench Scratcher with Catnip

Price: $17.99*

Why we love it: We’ve found it folks. The golden ticket! A Christmas decoration that your cat is actually allowed to destroy! Kitty’s happy, and we’re happy. It’s a win-win.

10. SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

Price: $49.99*

Why we love it: We love this scratching post because it’s extra tall for kitties who really like to stretch out and dig those claws in. It’s also pretty and makes a charming addition to any living room.


11. Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Shag Donut Self-Heating Orthopedic Dog & Cat Bed

Price: $26.24*

Why we love it: It’s so fluffy! But seriously, that aside, this bed has been a miracle gift for one of our super shy kitty clients, Remi. He always used to hide or watch his Meowtel sitter from the edges of the room or the safety of his cubby. But now that he has this bed, he will actually jump up into it and ask to be pet. He feels safe and confident in it because he can burrow his head under the bolster while he enjoys some scratches. Because of Remi’s story, we’re now shag donut bed enthusiasts.

12. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Cat Bed

Price: $49.87*

Why we love it: This heated bed is pawsome because it keeps cats warm during the colder months. It’s extra comfy and cozy, so kitty will be ready to hunker down for that long winter’s catnap. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


13. SmartCat Kitty's Garden

Price: $14.99*

Why we love it: Cat grass is a great way to keep kitty from nibbling on the house plants and is a healthy treat. Plus, it’s fun for us humans. We get to grow the grass in a cute little wooden box. It’s a holiday gift built for two!

Clothing & Accessories

14. Frisco Jingle Bells Dog & Cat Holiday Collar with Bells

Price: $6.59*

Why we love it: While we’d love to put every cat in Santa hats, most don’t cooperate. So we’ll compromise with this adorable collar. It’s festive but less obnoxious than wearing a Santa hat. And we can still (hopefully) get some nice holiday photos.

15. Frisco Grandma's Holiday Patchwork Dog & Cat Sweater

Price: $14.39*

Why we love it: Cats in sweaters–we need this! But seriously, this is actually a great idea if you are a cat parent to a Sphynx cat. Give them a gift that will keep them warm and cozy through the winter.

And When You Still Can’t Decide…

16. A Box

Price: $0.00*

Why we love it: It’s free and comes with every online order! And we guarantee your cat will love it.

2019 Holiday Gift List for Cats

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Happy Pawlidays from Meowtel

Whether your cat is on the naughty or nice list, we purromise there's a little something here for every fabulous feline.

Our Meowtel sitters can’t wait to help your cats play with their new toys! Be sure to share all of their new catventures with @Meowtel on social media. We wish all of our clients a Meowy Christmas, Happy Holidays, and an Ameowzing New Year!

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