2021 Meowtel Cat Sitter Bonuses

2021 Meowtel Cat Sitter Bonuses

Today, we're excited to announce our 2021 cat sitter bonuses and the accompanying achievement badges which have been awarded as our way of saying thank mew to the sitters who deliver purrfect hospitality to kitties and cat parents each and every day.

Despite the challenges our entire community faced throughout 2021 as new COVID-19 variants emerged, our sitter community had a record-setting year in terms of total reservation earnings, tips, and the number of reviews you receive.

We love to show our appreciation for the services provided by our sitters so we have released 3 new Sitter Achievement Badges and have awarded performance bonuses to 72 sitters who met our eligibility criteria:

  1. You earned over $750 from all of your reservations which were placed in 2021;
  2. You maintained an average star rating of 4.75 or above;
  3. Your listing was still active as of January 27, 2022;
  4. You were in the top 10% earners in your state for reservations placed in 2021; and
  5. You did not have any customer complaints escalated to us in 2021 that were ruled in favor of the customer.

The amount of the performance bonus is based on a sitter's total earnings for reservations placed in 2021 and has been awarded as follows:

  • Top 1%: You will receive 1.5% of your total 2021 earnings as a bonus
  • Top 5%: You will receive 0.75% of your total 2021 earnings as a bonus
  • Top 10%: You will receive 0.50% of your total 2021 earnings as a bonus

For example, if you were a sitter in Texas with 49 sitter peers in your state, there are 50 total sitters. To be eligible for a bonus, you needed to be amongst the top 5 highest earning sitters in the state, along with meeting our other criteria listed above.

Performance bonuses have been deposited to each eligible sitter's Payouts & Earnings screen in their sitter dashboard.

Eligible sitters also received an achievement badge on their sitter listing letting customers know they are booking one of our top performing sitters! The badges are live on Meowtel.com and will be updated in the mobile app in the coming days.

2021 Meowtel Cat Sitter Bonuses

Congratulations to our top 72 sitters, and of course, much gratitude to all of our ameowzing sitters! We look forward to helping our sitters make 2022 an even bigger and more cat-tastic year; if you have any ideas or feedback you'd like to share to make your sitter experience even better, please reach out to us via the Bellhop chat. 😻

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