5 Things to Love about the American Bobtail

5 Things to Love about the American Bobtail

The American Bobtail cat gets its name from its very short tail and resemblance to the wild Bobcat. There are other bobtailed cats in the world, (specifically the Manx and the Japanese Bobtail). However, they are not directly related to the American Bobtail, because it is rarely seen outside of the United States. We love the American Bobtail and have five reasons for you to love them, too!

1. The American Bobtail has History

As the story goes, in the 1960s, John and Brenda Sanders obtained a stub-tailed cat called Yodie while vacationing in Arizona. When they got him home, they bred him with their long-tailed female cat. Their litters were full of stub-tailed kittens, which made the Sanders’ realize that the genetic mutation was a dominant one. And so, one of the original American Bobtail breed bloodlines was born. The breed was officially recognized in 1989.

2. Their Own Urban Legend

The American Bobtail’s origin story includes an urban legend. Some people say that the breed developed as a cross between wild Bobcats and domesticated house cats. Even though Bobcats and house cats could technically mate and produce litters; unfortunately, any kittens, particularly the males, would be sterile. As a result, we’re pretty sure this legend is just that!

3. A Wild Appearance

American Bobtail cats are wild in appearance with shaggy coats and a distinctive bushy bobtail. Their head is broad and wedged shape with a well-defined medium length muzzle and a strong chin. They’re medium to large, have an athletic muscular body and large almond-shaped eyes with a strong brow which gives the breed an alert intelligent look. There are long and short haired varieties of the American Bobtail. While their coats can come in any color, breeders tend to select for colors that echo those you’d find in the wild.

4. A Cat for Dog Lovers

According to cat lovers and professional breeders, the American Bobtail cat is highly intelligent. They are one of a few breeds of felines that can learn to walk on a leash easily. They also seem to have some dog-like personality traits because they are extremely sociable, devoted, and playful. As a result, many will actually play fetch and carry their toys around in their mouths. They also seem to get along well with most dogs.

5. A Quiet Cat

The American Bobtail can chirp, trill, or click when excited. However, they are generally quiet cats.

What do you love about the American Bobtail?

At Meowtel, our favorite breed is Rescued. Here are some American Bobtail rescues that you can support. Maybe you’ll even find a new friend!

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