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5 Ways to Build Momentum as a New Sitter

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Last updated: November 4, 2022
5 Ways to Build Momentum as a New Sitter
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New to Meowtelling and want to jumpstart your business? Below are a few tips for building momentum as a new sitter.

1. Maximize your availability

The farther in advance you can open your schedule, the more bookings you’re likely to receive. The same holds true for opening up as many consecutive days in a row as you are able. Remember to stay on top of your schedule, too. If you have a busy day, or if you reach the number of reservations they wish to take in a day, go ahead and close it up. But, if your plans change and you suddenly have more free time, opening a day, even on short notice, can help you get business. In addition, feel free to tell your repeat clients they can contact you, even if a day they need shows you as unavailable. You may have time to squeeze them in, and they’ll feel like they’re being offered an exclusive service.

Also, remember you can serve people outside of your radius. If someone outside your circle contacts you, and you’re willing to make the drive, feel free to accept the reservation. The cat parent will definitely notice that you’ve gone the extra mile…literally!

2. Share your profile on social media

Print flyers, share online, shout it from the rooftops, do whatever you need to publicize! We know sometimes the link to your page is a little long…so create a QR code)! Get creative with your advertising, and don’t forget word of mouth.

What have you done to see your business take off? Share your ideas with us at [email protected]

3. Ask for a review

If you’re proud of the job you did sitting, don’t be afraid to politely ask for a review. Reviews make potential clients feel comfortable hiring you and are a primary way to gain new business. If your client is not sure where to leave you a review, you may always share this link with them: https://meowtel.com/account/reservations/completed

4. WOW clients

Your relationship with cats and their parents doesn’t end once the reservation is over. Send the client a handwritten thank you card, or leave a note on the counter during your final visit. Send a follow-up message a few days later to see how your new kitty friend is doing. If we know one thing about the Meowtel community, it’s that they LOVE talking about their cats!

5. Show gratitude

If you enjoyed your time with your new kitty friend, let the cat-parent know! Did you get a 5-star review or a tip? Say thank you! A little gratitude goes a long way when earning repeat business, and remember that building purrsonal relationships with your clients helps get through the commission tiers faster.




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