7 (More) Awesome Hacks All Cat Parents Need to Know

7 (More) Awesome Hacks All Cat Parents Need to Know

Who doesn't love a life hack? These practical tips can help us solve problems in a snap and live our best lives. And that's just what our cat-centered pointers aim to do.

From having odor-free litter to keeping dinnertime messes at bay, here are seven more awesome hacks all cat parents need to know:

1. A Tea-riffic Smell Stopper

Cats dislike scented litter, and odor-covering spray products aren't ideal, either. But we sometimes need a little help dealing with litter box odors, especially when guests are coming. Consider this natural alternative to perfumed litters or sprays: Save your next few tea bags and leave them on a plate. Once the bags are dry, open them up and add the contents to the kitty litter. Tea has antibacterial properties, and since bacteria cause odor, you'll soon have a fresher litter box.

2. Flip the Script When You Clip

Do you have a battle on your hands when you clip your cat's claws? Try this: Rather than holding your cat in your lap, place them on the floor or on a countertop. Then, lean over them to cut rather than holding them from behind or cradling them on your lap. Professional groomers keep animals' feet near their bodies and worksurfaces when trimming nails, which helps the animal feel more comfortable. If you do the same, you'll find your cat is less likely to resist your efforts to clip their claws.

3. Freshen Up Furry Furniture

Excessive shedding is one of the most common pet peeves of cat parents. Fur-tunately, there are a few simple ways to cope. If your kitty leaves behind a blanket of hair on your couch, look to your kitchen or laundry room for help: A slightly-damp sponge moved in quick, downward motions will wick hair away from most fabric surfaces; the rubber gloves you use to wash dishes can work the same magic. Alternatively, smoothing a dryer sheet over upholstery will not only remove hair but also make future strands less likely to stick.

4. Kindly Cat-proof Your Countertops

It can be super frustrating if your cat jumps onto the kitchen counter while you’re trying to prepare a meal or bake a tasty treat. Admonishing your cat will only stress them out and make them feel confused since they won't connect your reaction to what they did. Instead, prevent this pet peeve from happening at all. Just place several sheets of aluminum foil atop your counters or kitchen island. Cats aren't big fans of how foil feels against their paws, so they'll avoid the area once they learn it will be underfoot.

5. Keep Precious from Pawing at Plants

You love keeping cat-friendly plants in your home, but your kitty drives you crazy digging away at the soil. One option for discouraging them from doing so is covering the soil with pine cones or branches. Or, consider topping the soil with crumpled aluminum foil - the same principle as above. Another option is buying a bag of decorative river rocks at the craft store and spreading them over the soil - your kitty will no longer paw at the dirt once it is camouflaged, and your plants will look lovely.

6. Ensure Relaxed Rehydration

Have you ever noticed your kitty shy away from their water bowl or start to take a drink and then stop? It could be that the dish is too deep. If so, your furbaby probably does not like their super-sensitive whiskers touching the sides of the dish, as that can make drinking stressful. Switch to a shallower dish and keep it full of fresh water - your sweetie will surely savor their sips then.

7. Corral Kitty's Kibble

If dry food spills from your kitty's bowl because it tends to move around as they eat, turn to your desk for a surprisingly simple solution: Remove erasers from three or four pencils and then glue them evenly spaced apart to the bottom of the bowl. The erasers' rubber surface will stick to the floor as Fluffy eats, keeping the bowl stable and the kibble where it belongs.

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