All About Siamese Cats

All About Siamese Cats

Today, the Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds of cat, principally because it is known as an affectionate and sociable breed. They’re one of the most favorite breeds amongst cat lovers. From their unique blue eyes peering through the dark patch on their face to their high level of intelligence and energy, there are many reasons to love a Siamese cat. From their history to their personality, Siamese cats are unique.


The origin of Siamese cats is Siam (now Thailand) around the 19th century. At that time, they were reserved for the royal families who would then offer them to visiting dignitaries. Also, they’re scared and used to be guardians of the temple. They were soon introduced to the United States and eventually by the early 20th century.



All Siamese have creamy coats and darker ears, face, paws, and tail – their ‘points.’ Their coloring is apparently the most well-known of all their characteristics. Their fine pattern makes them extremely recognizable and unlike any other breed of cat.


Regardless of type, they have the following:

  • Wedge-shaped faces
  • Large, pointed ears
  • Long, slim, legs
  • Hind legs longer than forelegs
  • Small, neat, oval paws
  • Short, thick, soft, springy coats
  • Long tail, which should not be kinked and is carried high


They have almond-shaped eyes. This slant smoothly from their noses to their ears. This almond-shaped eye shows off to perfection the brilliant blue eye color, which ranges from a very light blue to a deep violet-blue in a cat with a darker body.


  • Siamese cats enjoy to play and are very energetic
  • These breed of cat does not require grooming because their hair is very short, and while they do shed it’s not as obvious as with some breeds.
  • They’re very affectionate cats. They enjoy sitting on their owner’s lap and will even climb into bed with you at night.
  • They’re very loyal and devoted to their owners and love to talk.
  • The Siamese breed does not entail the normal aloof feline attitude. When it comes to social personality, they’re the best, even in the presence of other domestic animals. They’re known as the eternal kitten; the cat that never grows up.
  • They’re a joy to own and even more, fun to watch especially as they play with the other cat and dog residents around them. Their high level of intelligence remains their signature characteristics.


You can consider a Siamese cat if you would like to own a dog but cannot have one probably because of where you live. They share many characteristics of a dog, and some Siamese cats can even be taught how to play fetch.


Siamese cats have a strong need to bond with humans and also good-natured. When raised in a loving household and handled regularly as kittens, they develop strong attachments to their families.

Furthermore, they tend to extend this to other cats and dogs they live with, and particularly to other members of the breed. It is no wonder they’re favorites among cat lovers.

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