All About The Himalayan Cat

All About The Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat is also known as Himmie. This is a charming cat developed by breeders from the crossbreed of a Siamese mantle and Persian frame. The cat has blue eyes same as of the Siamese, arranged in striking color patterns which is consist of body tone that is light with accents of dark colors on the points of the cat just like the face, legs, feet, and tail. Except for the point coloration and blue eyes, the Himalayan is quite similar to the Persian. Sometimes it is referred to as a “Colorpoint Persian.”


The origin of the Himalayan can be traced when breeders in several countries attempted to produce a cat with a typical Persian body but with Siamese markings between the 1920s and ’30s. In 1924, the first signs of success were seen in the U.S. when White Persians were crossed with Siamese, resulting in “Malayan Persians. It was recognized officially as a new breed by the American Cat Fanciers’ Association and Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1957.


The Himalayan is a medium to a large sized cat with a cobby body. They have the coat coloring of the Siamese but the body type of a Persian. The cat has a flat face, with a snub nose, broad head and small ears, eyes are large, broad set and blue.

Just to ensure you do not get confused, here are some features that you can look out for to make sure that you have a Himalayan cat in your home:

  • The Eyes: They’ve lovely blue eyes that stand out notwithstanding the long fur that gets all your attention.

  • Color: The fur of the cat is normally white all over. But, there are several colors available with the colored points. The dominant colors are blue, lilac, seal, red chocolate, red and tortoise.

  • Fur: No doubt the fur is long. But what set the coat of the Himalayan cat apart are the shine and the inherent thickness.

  • The Head: The head varies as per its type. There are two breeds of the Himalayan Cat – the doll face and the peke face. The head is rounded in both types, but the features are more squished in the peke face in comparison to the doll face.


The beauty of the Himalayan cat lies in the fact that it is a perfect balance between the Persian and the Siamese. The Himalayan cat is just as gentle and docile as the Persian cat. They love to be petted, and they will reciprocate in return.

The Himalayan cat will always get along quite well with all members of your family, including your other pets and when you’re bored, your Himmie will make a great companion. They’re extremely playful and will spend time with you when you need it. One thing that is adorable about the Himalayan cat is that they know exactly how you feel and will respond perfectly to that, making you feel a lot more at home.

Persian cats are longhaired and bred with Siamese cats for their markings thus resulting in color point long hair cats. It is also known as the color point Persian cat in Europe.


  • Annual check-ups: Himalayan cat care must include an annual visit to the veterinarian but don’t wait for your annual appointment if you do have any health concerns regarding your cat

  • Lots of Brushing: For your Himalayan cat care regimen to be complete, your cat will have to be groomed on a daily basis to keep this longhaired breed’s fur from tangling.

  • Culinary needs: This breed of cat should not be feed with cat scraps from the table. Pay attention to the different stages that are available for the brand of food you choose and progress as your kitten grows into an adult cat.


Like most cats, the Himalayan is one that will live a long time.

What’s so beautiful about this cat is the fact that this cat has the best of both worlds. It’s got the flawless coloring of the Siamese cat with the beautiful long hair of a Persian.

Your kids will cherish the fact that this cat wants to sit in their laps and watch television, curl up when they’re sleeping. This is the type of cat that every family wants because it’s a cuddler. The Himalayan cat doesn’t care much to go outside. It would rather sit around the house and look pretty.


If you’ve chosen a Himalayan cat for your home, you’re definitely in for a treat. Your Himalayan cat will love to be with you and spend time with you. These cats are quiet and docile but can make the best companions that you could ever ask for.

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