Cat-tastic Stocking Stuffer Gifts

Cat-tastic Stocking Stuffer Gifts

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Christmas wil be here in less than 10 days and if you're scrambling to find that purrfect gift for the cat lovers in your life, look no further! We compiled a list of our favorite gifts that won't make your budget yowl for help.

Let’s get into it!

1. A coffee mug

Does your friend love both coffee and cats? Combine the two with a mug that can remind them every morning of their favorite little furry friend. There are a ton of cat-themed mugs to choose from. Seriously, a quick Google search could lead to hundreds of cat mugs that you can tailor to your friend’s specific tastes. These cat shaped mugs on Amazon are great and inexpensive!

2. Cat socks

I’m not going to lie, I have more than a couple pairs of cat socks (what else would a cat-loving gal like me ask for?) but I could always use more. They’re cute and they’re cozy, much like our cats themselves. Again, the design on these could be tailored to the recipient's style, but these cute socks are under $20 and you can customize them to include your kitties!

3. Cat ice molds

I honestly didn’t even know this was a thing until I did some research…but now that I know this is out there you better believe it’s going on my list. Who wouldn’t want cat shaped ice? These would be purrfect for some kitty cocktails. Meowgaritas, anyone?

4. Cat-themed dish towel

We’re really going for the kitchen trifecta here… magnets, ice molds, and now dish towels, but of course we had to throw these on the list because there can be so many cute and personalized options that would make anyone’s day. Check out these adorable cat dish towels on Etsy OR personalize it your friend’s specific preferred breed, cat, or kitchen décor.

5. Cat-themed deck of cards

Buy your friend or family member the gift of game. Gin Rummy, poker, and more…all with the lovely twist of an added cat drawing. This beautiful set on Amazon is quite stunning. Each card is unique with a drawing of a cat that fits the theme of a card.

6. Cat tarot

If you're a modern-day witch, then you must have a cat, right? This illustrator knows her audience and created an adorable set of tarot cards for the cat-tastic occasion. Hopefully the cards will tell you that more cats are in your future.

7. Cat ornament

The classic Christmas gift, and one that never gets old. There’s always a spot on my tree for more ornaments specifically. This gift can be made to be unique, however, because ornaments are very easy to personalize. You could even make it yourself! If you don’t feel like doing that though, there are plenty of great options online that are homemade as well if you’re trying to support smaller businesses this year. Look at these cute options on Etsy.

8. Framed photo

Always a welcome gift and the perfect décor for any cat lover - especially one who takes countless pictures of their cat (I’m guilty). Get one of these shots framed and sneak into their stocking. It is sure to warm their heart. Make it even better with a cat themed frame like this one.

9. Cat portrait

Keeping on theme with the photo idea, imagine having a custom-made pet portrait done of your friend’s cat. These are very popular right now and are sure to liven up any room. There are a lot of ways to go about this, you could even commission a local artist or a friend to help. If not, West and Willow does amazing portraits.

10. Bite-sized cat treats

Again…more for the cat than for your human friend. But any cat lover would love the chance to spoil their kitties, especially around the holiday season. It could even be the chance for your friend to teach their cat a new trick!

That’s our list! Hopefully you found something that your friend or family member will love. Whatever your plans are for Christmas, stay safe and have a happy new year! Remember that Meowtel is always there for you if you're in need of a trusted, in-home cat sitter.

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