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How to Make Your Own Kitty Enrichment Feeders and Toys


Melanie Deisz

Melanie Deisz

Last updated: February 17, 2020
How to Make Your Own Kitty Enrichment Feeders and Toys
Meowdel: Beretta in San Diego

Welcome to the third installment of our How To/DIY series. This month focuses on enrichment feeders! In case you're just joining us now, check out our DIY cat toys article and our DIY cat treats article if those are more your jam. Whether you like saving money or you love crafting, these enrichment feeders will be right up your alley. For safety’s sake, always supervise your cat while using these feeders and toys.

Mochi Jung

Meowdel: Mochi Jung

DIY Foraging Puzzle by Catpurr

There are a few things I love about this one. First, it’s two puzzles in one: a food enrichment puzzle and a toy puzzle. Second, this one has an easy to follow video that features Whiskey the Cat.

Price: $$

Items needed: Shallow box with top (paper, shirt), small plastic cups, marker, cutting tool (Xacto knife is ideal, scissors could work), kibble or treats, toys, and catnip (optional)

Difficulty: Intermediate

Time: 15+ minutes

DIY Cat Puzzle by The Glam Cat

While this puzzle needs more items to make the finished product, it creates a more durable puzzle. The reusable plastic food container will house the treats and/or toys, and your cat will stick their little paws in try to retrieve the goodies through the holes.

Price: $-$$

Items needed: Reusable plastic food container, cutting tool, marker, lighter, rubbing alcohol, gripping pads, toys and kibble or treats.

Difficulty: Expert

Time: 20+ minutes

DIY Cat Puzzle by The Glam Cat; video by Ana & Fitz

Meowtel is all about all things cats and we loved finding fun DIY enrichment feeders and toys for you and your furbaby. If you have a favorite DIY feeder that we missed, let us know! Send us an email at [email protected] or reach out to us @meowtel on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Melanie Deisz

Melanie Deisz

Los Angeles Meowtel sitter and Cat mom to Maxwell Wellington